Whether you are thinking of buying a camera, mobile phone or a TV screen, you must give a second thought about the resolution. Who would want to settle for a fuzzy low-resolution display when 4K has got you all covered? With more resolution, you can resolve small details and get a more immersive experience.

4K is a screen resolution that we have been hearing about for a long time. These days almost all devices offer a 4K resolution display and upload. Where the full HD resolution is 1080p which is 1920×1080 pixels, it is almost four times larger than a full HD display.

4K Resolution Meaning

4K meaning 4000, is the horizontal pixel count in 4K resolution. Pixels are the small square blocks, the combination of which forms the image. It is 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels higher. The total 4K pixels are approximately 8 Megapixels.

The width of such resolution’s pixels is almost four times 1080 which is the height of full HD resolution. The images and videos in 4K are crisp and sharper than HD view.

Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition (UHD) is the hypernym of the 4K resolution. The minimum resolution for UHD is 3840×2160 and this is why people think 4K is the same as UHD most of the time. Considering UHD is a broad term, the International Telecommunication Union defined Ultra HD 4K as 4K UHD.

4k Resolution Advantages

Not only capturing the view via 4K cameras and phones is appealing, but you can also edit them easily. How exciting would it be to see the objects come alive in 4K screen resolutions? Gone are the days when editing and cropping the images would degrade the image quality and decrease the pixel size. You can zoom in or out, crop the details or downscale the image to HD and still not lose the ultra HD resolution.

4K resolution offers crisp, better-colored, and detailed visuals with ultra-high refresh rates. Even small movements can be easily detected on the screen. 4K gaming is becoming quite popular and accessible among people these days.


It may take some time for your broadcast TV to be fully in this resolution because with greater resolution comes greater bandwidth. You can still enjoy 4K viewing on Netflix under a premium subscription.

There so many reviewers out there trying to check through such resolutions and test them for viewers. One of the videos we share is recommended below in the link: