Are you bored and want some refreshments with some soothing music? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Give us a precious little time of yours, and you will know about the top music streaming service by Apple. We will be talking about Apple Music and inform you of everything you need to know before going for it.

Though Apple wasn’t the first to go for the streaming service, it has become one of the most popular among music lovers. It was first released on June 30, 2015, almost 6 years ago on Apple devices. Apple gave the latest update to the users around 7 months ago during September 2020. Many people get confused between iTunes music and Apple music. But keep in mind that iTunes is a free application especially to manage your music library, music purchase, music video playback, and device syncing.

It is a built-in music streaming service for iPod, iPad, and iPhones. The ultimate goal of it is to bring you one step closer to songs, albums, and artists you love. Once you have subscribed to it, they offer you all the benefits of iTunes Match along with never-ending skips for you. Apple Music radio station’s unlimited listening to your Apple music with access to your library.

How to use Apple Music?

Whether you are using Apple Music in android or iOS, the feeling you get after using it is almost similar. Only the most significant difference you are going to experience is while searching for the music. In iOS, there is a separate tab at the bottom to explore music, whereas, in android, there is a search menu in the top right instead. You can easily see tabs like Library, For You, Browse, and Radio on the bottom of Apple Music.

The Library consists of all the recently played or your own personal favorites or every music you have saved. You can also share the playlist you have created with your friends, but unlike other music streamers, your friends don’t have any control over what you have saved in other music streamers.

The next tab, “For You”, is where you will be spending most of your time. You will get suggestions here of tons of artists and songs you are familiar with. It helps you find the music of your interest through your past listening, so you don’t get bored with music other than your taste.

The next option is “Browse”, where you will be finding every other music on its platform. The new releases to the top 100s you will find here on this button. It also allows you to find the songs you don’t remember the title by just typing a few lyrics. So, what a great option: you don’t have to spend hours just thinking about the only song you heard on the bus this morning.

Not to forget, the Radio tab allows you to listen to a live DJ that is happening in any corner of the world. Even if you missed the live show, you need not worry; they have all of it recorded, so you can find some time later and listen to them. Isn’t it amazing? What an exciting way to fall in love with new music of any genre.

Apple Music Replay is also another incredible feature that displays your total time spent listening along with the playlist of your top 100 songs for the year, top artists you have heard too, and your top albums. The apple reply updates every week with the songs you have been listening to frequently.

The cost you will be spending for your Apple Music is $9.99/month for an individual, $4.99 for students, and $14.99 for Apple Music Family. The Apple Music Cost really wants you to go all out and get the Family pack for everyone to enjoy incredible songs in the house.

PROS of Apple Music:

1. Also available for android version via Play Store
2. Allows you to listen to offline music
3. Large Music Library
4. Will support lossless audio feature since June without any extra charges
5. You don’t have to pay for listening to the music of your taste or the live radio station
6. High-quality streaming of music

CONS of Apple Music :

1. No collaborative playlist
2. It will convert any of your files to AAC, losing some quality


Apple Music has basically everything you need. It might not be the best but will help you discover new music according to your taste in every possible way. Just fall in love with your playlist with chills and thrills.