Thinking of upgrading your watch and searching for something that looks good on your wrist and is as smart as you? Don’t just leave here but keep reading. Give us a few minutes of yours, and we will have a short tour of the Apple Watch.

Verizon Apple Watch is all that you have been searching for. It was officially released almost 6 years ago, around April 2015. Apple Inc has brought it to the sixth series to date. They have been continuously updating and testing new features on each newly released watch.

More into Apple Watch:

With features like GPS, Heart Rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, workout tracking notifications, and messages on the wrist, it assists you with your workout plans and tracks your location wherever you go. Along with keeping you fit and fine, you won’t get lost in the middle of anywhere. Going for Verizon might benefit you even more in the purchase. Verizon Apple Watch Plan offers you Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, which can save up to $250 on your purchase. You can also find many Verizon Apple Watch deals in Verizon, which can reduce dollars from your buying along with free fitness subscriptions they are throwing at you. Don’t want to miss it, don’t want to regret missing it? Then just go for the Verizon Apple Watch Plan.

Once you connect to wifi or have a cellular plan, Apple Watch Facetime is just a step away. Facetime audio is a free Apple service where you can just make voice calls over the internet with any Apple user. You just have to ask Siri to make a call or need to add the one you want to call in contacts. With more than 20,000 of its apps available, you can just browse and install apps in the watch itself.

Talking about the specifications, the Apple Watch Series 6 features an OLED display that is always on. According to Apple, the dual-core S6 System in Package (SiP) is 20% faster than the S5 chip. The OS present is watchOS7 with iOS compatibility. Also, the Battery life is up to 18 hrs with 32 GB of onboard storage. The aluminum series 6 comes in new navy blue and red hues as well as red yellow and space grey. You can choose according to your taste.

Apple Watch Cost

You can find the Apple Watch Series 6 sale on Amazon; it has the best it can offer for just $329 (GPS & Cellular version), which saves you $70. You will find a USB-A cable without an AC adapter, done right for the environment. They also come with easy-to-remove and interchangeable bands with other brand watches of the same size.


1. Fast new processor
2. Also, Attractive new watch colors for your wrist
3. Measures Blood Oxygen level
4. WatchOS 7 comes with the handwashing timer
5. Also, Water Resistance to 50m.
6. OLED display
7. Also, Always ON the altimeter


1. Low battery life
2. Also, Quite expensive
3. It only works with the iPhone


Available with potential life-saving and fitness features, Apple Watch Series 6 is worth spending your cent on. It is still one of the best wearables among other smartwatches you can find for your wrist. So, Wear smart, Be smart, and Think Smart.