If you are an iPhone user, you will be very familiar with Apple’s App Store. It is the official app store for the Apple product which is the only store for your Apple application. You can download millions of apps through free access or even pay as well. It is the ultimate place for both the developer and the users. There are numerous critiques that give the brilliant reason behind the negative side of the app store. It is relevant that it gets to solve such issues. However, there are more positive sides that even critiques even appreciate. So, let’s discuss the actual pros and cons of Apple’s App Store in detail.

Pros of Apple’s App Store:

1. Good source of income for developers

Apple has launched Apple’s App Store in July 2008. It was served as a software development kit (SDK) for the developers. So, as the app is launched any developers get the opportunity to enhance their skill in coding. As they can sell their products they can eventually make some money with the App Store. So, it became one of the income sources for app developers.

2. Centralized App for other Apple subscriptions

Apple is very clever to promote its other products by linking one product with another. So, here is the same scenario we can observe. Since Apple’s App Store requires an Apple account, you can simply assign the same account with multiple other apps of Apple such as iTunes Store. So as a way Apple has created the proper management system that you can simply tap to pay for various apps that linked your Apple account with your credit cards, Paypal, or gift cards. It becomes frictionless.

Now, you can manage your all subscription within few taps as most of the integration is done by Apple’s App Store. Also, you can go and get the subscription to Apple Music, Netflix or Spotify within App Store and simultaneously turn off the subscription through the app store. Overall, it acts as the central authority for all your apps. So, all your subscriptions of the bought app will be managed through Apple’s App Store.

3. Apple’s App Store is more secure and gives enhanced privacy as it gives regular updates and security patches

As with most other App Stores, Apple’s App Store also gives regular updates and regular updates for its users. Developers update their apps for updates and security so they will be published worldwide for the users and they can update the apps to stay updated and secure. So, you can turn on your auto-sync on your phone for auto-updates and it works done in the background for your well beings. So, it is also the major pro we are getting here.

4. Ease of Use

The best part of Apple’s App Store is that gives ease of use for the user’s experience. As you are getting all your required apps in a single app store you don’t have to search anywhere else. You can even manage all your subscriptions within a single app. And, you can even get your updates and manage your payments. You will get the updates as well. All your history will remain in your Apple account too. So, you can easily track your activity. So, from overall this perspective it is the ease of use app for most cases in your phone.

Cons of Apple’s App Store:

1. It is being the sole gatekeeper that makes it impossible to get apps for the external source

It acts as the sole gatekeeper. You cannot install your required apps from other sources as it will not allow performing such behavior. So, all these are quite frustrating for developers. Even other users who want to try different software will not be able to. It suppresses your freedom of use. Overall it lacks the motivation for other developers who are about to do differently from Apple’s App Store demands.

2. Lack of free version of apps and include mostly paid versions

As there are mostly apps that require mostly subscriptions and have to pay to get one in the app store. It will rarely provide you with the free version of apps had games. However, there is a demo version to try as well. Overall these are quite the not-so-best practice in the long run. So, you will be getting only a trial version to try which you have to insert your payment method to get that trial version. It is very frustrating when you are able to use them for a limited time of trials and pay for them later.

3. Many controversies related to the Apple’s App Store

The app store seems to have controversial news as well. If the news is seen to be true then it definitely affects many users all over the world. The most controversial story about the “Hey” app was found to be affecting the performance of the App Store. If the rumors are true and if Apple cuts 30% off in-app purchase then will be very hard for developers to survive and it will be hard to stay on the platform.

4. Developer cost

As the price drops for the customers it is a good aspect. However, the developer will have a hard time earning. It will definitely decrease the earnings of the developers. As the fulfillment of Apple’s Quota for their app publication is itself hard and also Apple cut off its share so it will be a great problem for developers. And along with it the cost of investment of developers seems to be a burden as it will be not be recovered with a low pace of income. Along with it developers will find it hard to keep their apps alive as well.

Final Verdict:

So, if you are more precise Apple’s App Store is not much more convenient for the large population. If you are talking about the global market it lacks many features which are suitable for everyone. As an alternative Google PlayStore is much better in comparison to Apple’s App Store. However, everything has its own pros and cons. In the end, all the decisions are yours to make. So, inclusion, you are a king of your own choices.