As we define Augmented reality (AR), it is the technological development that lets you combine real-world elements with virtual reality. It is especially done with the combination of computer-generated graphical layers with the real-world interactive scaled stuff.

The use of AR is many. You can use it in several contexts. Such as driving, sports, and measuring your table and placement along with AR gaming in the real-world component. Basically, AR allows you to superimo[pse images, text forms, video, and also 3D models onto the real world. So, all those related items with beneficial for any individual may find useful in various scenarios of their requirements.

So, what may be the best use of AR in the present world? And, what are the hectic process that is not satisfactory of AR in this era? Let us have a clear image of its pros and cons.

Pros of Augmented Reality (AR):

1. Learning and Practice for almost every field.

Learning complex stuff has been made very easy with AR. Every learning will be safe and experimental with this feature. The medical students can do complex surgical experiments with virtual models. and, it will stop from making any errors. And the risk of anyone’s health should not be considered as if we are doing in the real life.

Augmented Reality Learning

There can be many interactive textbooks and also help with homework. It can make experimental subjects for chemical reactions, a minor bridge construction for engineers, and all that can be done with no risk at all.

As for the Tourism industry, AR could promote the Virtual visiting of another landmark and earn about any stuff of that place. It will save us time if we need a field visit and other projects. So, everyone had something to learn from AR for different sectors.

2. New Genre of Gaming from Augmented Reality

Now, we can enjoy AR gaming integrated with real-world matters. There are numerous games released that can be played o the table or on the streets of the real world. All those are dow with 3D models placed in real-world objects through AR. It is the intention of a new genre of games for sports lovers. And, it has made millions of interactions among users and many are enjoying the service. For example, Pokemon Go was the most popular game that comes under AR.

3. Augmented Reality Tools to ease of use

Well, a carpenter can place his digital objects in the real world such as the newly finished room, and easily place his measurements. It will save him time and need no effort for extra work. And, another example will be the shopping experience. You can try on the clothes of the online store for your fitting size. It will help to make your preferred choice and satisfy your need for the product. Not only clothing you can even choose many tech products such as keyboards, laptops, TVs, and many more. So, it will be both beneficial for merchants and the customers.

4. Opportunities for App Developers

The new invention of AR will require new apps for supporting different platforms of gadgets. So, app developers have the charm in here. They will get the opportunity to enhance their skill and create their own applications for the new customers. There is numerous app made in the present days for AR such as camera filters, concurrent text converters, communicating apps, and even games. For vehicle industries, navigation tools are the most popular ones. It is the vast free form of creation for app developers for many sectors such as medical, engineer, architecture, and many more. So, every development from every sector will crate so many benefits for both sides.

Cons of Augmented Reality (AR):

1. Augmented Reality is Expensive

The cost for AR is so much higher than its alternative modalities. There are so many setups to do and that’s the reason it will require more budget to get started. The training costs, the assets developments for the project, software requirements for the assets creations, marketing of the app, and user-friendly environment of the final creation of AR apps

are more costly as compared to alternatives. That is why it is very essential to maintain a high budget for the AR process before releasing its products.

2. Augmented Reality will create Security Concerns

AR will require huge data collection. Every generation, collection, and analysis of the data sets will result in confidential leaks of users’ information. As the lack of information will create slow-paced development of AR and it is not the positive side of it. So, users will need to take a high risk of data being leaked and sold for others’ benefit.

augmented reality security

AR could capture real-world surroundings in real-time, someone could record chat history, pictures, videos, and personal face, and even their property along with their bank details. So, it is the jackpot of data for confidential details. it can be misused if not regulated properly and many developers must maintain their policies and security concerns of other users for long-term trust.

3. Physical and Psychological Impact

AR is the innovation that includes the real world and virtual world interaction of people’s minds. So, innovations could bring new human disorders which should be studied to cure perfectly. And as the use of AR rises people could be in addition and may even create multiple physical damages.

AR Physical and Psychological Impact


Recently there was a famous game called Pokemon GO which leads to any road accidents of the gamers as they have to travel the real-world roads to get the new pokemon. And, this game was quite addictive for many gamers as well. So, it was both making a physical and psychological impact on the new user of AR all over the world.

That is why it will create even more impacts in the future and if we can’t deal with them it will be the major con for AR.

4. Being Early Phase will require more Heat and Trails for the Best Experience.

AR is the new invention of technology. So, it is in the early phase. Some many tests and phases need to be passed to get immersive and fluent results of AR. So, developers will create more updates and it will hectic to update your AR applications every once and again. Along with the updates you will even have to adapt required devices that fit the AR services. And users have to spend more money on powerful devices that support AR services.

With the early phase, both the developers and consumers have to practice heat and trails keep updating time and again. It will be so hectic work to do. And that’s the reason many will find it as the biggest con for AR.

Final Verdict:

As, the future hold in AR technologies for many tech companies, many users have to depend on the trend of AR in the future. However, the initial cost of the AR seems more but less in comparison to alternative resources. So, overall there is a long long run for the perfection of AR in the future.

If positively using Augmented Reality will create benefits for human mankind. However, the misuse of AR will create just the destruction for the psychological and physical health of mankind along with loss of property.

In the end, every decision is yours to make. Whether you want to choose the right part or wrong is in your hands.