There are those times when we find it difficult to track our bank statements. Even if we forget something we need to go to the bank and attend physical presence to solve our banking errors. But the latest technology has given us more convenience and security for banking sectors. So, these days we can enjoy banking services with few clicks from our desk. Besides, we are able to solve most of the banking errors as well with the help of online banking. Similarly,  we can use the Bank Of The West Online Banking to maintain our banking services active as they had provided customers the online banking method.

So, here let us guide you with the Online banking method of Bank of the west. So, all the login processes are described with a few easy steps along with video tutorials as well.

The steps to continue Bank Of The West Online Banking are as follows:

  1. The first easy method here is to find your browser in your system. Either you are a MAC user, PC user, or smartphone user, the utmost step is to find a browser and open it. Besides, here we are Windows users so if you are one of them click on “Start” and type your preferred browser name. Let the search begin and it will show you the browser in search result.
  2. Now, after the search result shows the browser you just have to click and hit enter to open the browser.
  3. Let the browser load. After you have to go to the address bar at the top of the browser window. There you have to input the address of the bank. The web address of the Bank of the West is ““. After the address completes hit enter to load.
  4. After the page loads, you can find the homepage. On the homepage there you can find various accounts to choose from in the top right corner of the page. The accounts include Personal, Small Business, Commercial, and so on. But here we stay as a personal account.
  5. Now, you can click on the “Sign In” option on the right side of the accounts type option.
  6. After the page loads, you can go to the “Username” section and type your username there. Use the”Save Username” option to save your username for later use.
  7. The next section is “Password” where you need to type your password to continue.
  8. You can click on “Sign In” to sign in to your account after all the credentials are typed correctly.
  9. There is a “Sign up for online account access” option that can be used if you want to create a new account for online banking in the bank of the west. Furthermore, you can continue to complete the process.
  10. You can find the “Forgot your username?” option at the right side of the “Username” section that lets you recover your forgotten username.
  11. You can also find the “Forgot your Password?” option at the right side of the “Password” section which helps to recover your forgotten password.

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To conclude, the steps here we mentioned for the Bank Of The West Online Banking are very easy to follow. These will take very few minutes to complete. However, if you are having trouble with the written instruction, you can watch our YouTube Video as well. You can check the video link below: