With all these big improvements and changes coming in the world of Virtual Reality, every new day is offering you a greater adventure. And for gamers like you, it’s all mixed up in the head to find the best VR games within the multiple releases. So, don’t worry you have landed in the perfect place. Valuing your time, here, we’ve picked up the Top 10 Best VR Games for you.

Before you get into the games, it’s totally necessary to have a stunning VR headset to get you all ready to enter Virtual Reality. Some of the best VR headsets for PC we would like to recommend to you are Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos, HP Reverb G2, and many more.

They are all there to give you a premium gaming experience on PC, Standalone, or Console. Get yourself ready to explore the world of Virtual Reality with the available best VR games 2020.

Let’s get started with the Top 10 VR games:

1. Best VR Games: Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is one of the top VR games. After making the Half-life fans wait for 13 long years, they are back with another installment of this game series. You will be engaging in shootouts with combined soldiers and other enemies and also get to solve head-scratching scientific puzzles that depend on your new VR control scheme.

Also, available for free with the purchase of Valve Index and HTC Vive Cosmos Elite.

2. Falcon Age

Falcone Age is one of the best little virtual reality adventures that can easily attract even the most jaded of gamers. Available for your PC, Console, and Oculus Quest; this game introduces you and your pet bird against the world in this new adventure.

Once a robot empire takes your home planet, all you get is to fight back along with your falcon that has tricks and potential to help in your way. Once you are inside, you lose yourself in the virtual world.

3. Best VR Games: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator saved its space in the list of best VR games 2020. Even without the VR headset, the impressive view and scrupulous details provided by the flight simulator are just out of the world. If you want to feel like an actual pilot, then it’s for you.

4. Moss

Moss finally made its place in VR around February 2018 and is available multiplatform. A character named Reader (played by you) guides Quill, the heroine of this tale. The magical storybook experience about a mouse gives you 4 hours of charming VR gaming adventure.

5. Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

Available for Oculus Quest and Playstation, Vader Immortal: A star wars VR series is an amazing location-based VR experience. It is one of the good VR games you can play. Though you just play the role of a common smuggler, you go face to face with Vader and explore Mustafa on your own. The puzzles which need your mind and physics make it more fascinating.

6. Milkyway Funland

Milkyway Funland is one of the best free VR games. You get to experience a series of entertainment, enjoyment within this free VR game. You find yourself in the futuristic amusement park from where all the fun begins.

7. Star Wars: Squadrons

This lets you play both as a Rebel and Imperial pilot; combat-focused flight sim is a childhood dream of many. Available for both single and online multiplayer, this satisfies you in every possible way.

8. Beat Saber

The music-rhythmic dance game Playable on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive/Steam, PlayStation VR gives you a futuristic feel. You dual-wield lightsabers to slash oncoming glowing cubes. The satisfying sparks generated on each hit and your colorful targets glowing delightfully is the scene to watch. You will also want to pair your VR gear with headphones to experience Beatsaber’s electrifying soundtracks.

9. Pistol Whip

It’s a mix of FPS and rhythm games which is exceptionally simple to play. Select a level and point at your enemies to shoot, point at the floor to reload, and move your heads to dodge the bullets. Shooting enemies at the beat of the game’s EDM soundtrack earns you more points. With no surprise, Pistol Whip is one of the good VR games on PC as well as PSV.

10. No Man’s Sky

Game developers, Hello World, developed an action-adventure survival game. Making the VR experience better and realistic than other games, No Man’s Sky took the VR game to the next level. They already made it an excellent contender for the best games of 2021 giving a perfect VR experience. This game is available for your PSVR.

Bottom Line on the 10 Best VR Games

There is no place to doubt the amazing VR experience you get from these top-listed best VR games. With the best VR headset for pc, get yourself ready to lose yourself in the world of Virtual Reality.