Boston Robotics is the robotic engineering team from Boston Dynamic. It has its’ headquarter in Massachusetts, United States. Also, it is best known for developing many dynamic robots like Atlas, BigDog, Cheetah, and others.

Some of the robotic products designed by the Boston Dynamics is very new and innovative ideas and design. The new humanoid robot Atlas is particularly more so. It can walk, run, jump, and perform other tasks.

Another example is the Cheetah, the 4 legged bots. It can sprint at speed of 28.3 miles an hour. That is even faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest human on the planet. There are several other products like PETMAN, Spot, LittleDog, and others.

Boston Robotics

The humanoid robots are in plans to be used in the military replacing the Human soldiers. Hyundai Motors Group owns Boston Dynamics since 2020.

Here we will discuss some points about the advantages and disadvantages of Boston Robotics for knowledge.

Pros of Boston Robotics:

1. New machines that can work more efficiently:

The basic point of any machine is to reduce any human efforts. Besides, they are trying to develop robots that can do jobs more efficiently and properly. The main point here is developing a machine that requires minimum effort and cost to get maximum productivity in any sector.

2. Dangerous jobs for humans can be substituted by Boston Robotics:

We can avoid many dangerous jobs around the world like firefighters or those in life-threatening situations by Humanoid robots. And Boston Dynamics have made great advancement in this field. The Atlas is especially the case for these situations. If it can be really be implemented then humans would not have to face many dangerous situations.

dangerous job by robotics

3. Military use:

For the safety of any country, the military is important. And there is always the possibility of human casualty. So, with humanoid soldiers like Atlas and Boston Dynamics Dogs, we can use them for search and reconnaissance. In particularly dangerous warzones, they really can save the lives of many. For this Bosstown Dynamics is making soldiers with robots.

4. New AI technologies:

Boston robotics has really taken the use of AI into a far place. However, they are using it for various purposes and have developed the AI field. The infield of technology Boston robotics has really developed very fast.

There are always some points that are not favorable. Now, let’s go to some drawbacks of robotics.

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Cons of the Robotics:

1. Costly and difficult for immediate use:

The products of Boston Dynamic are very expensive. Currently, very few commercial giants may be able to hire them. For such reason, no guarantee can be used sooner. Only those having the financial power can use them.

2. Humanoid robots can cause fear among people:

Humanoid robots have many advantages for us to use and find new ones. So, we can use them for our greater purpose. But some can use robots for causing fear to people too. Besides, in the military, we can use robots to secure the country. But in the wrong hands, people can use it for destruction too.

danger of humanoid robots

In our view, we think that robotics is the future and Boston Robotics is just one of many to develop them. Sooner or later use of robots will overshadow the human workforce. As a result, they will replace them by creating a more productive environment.

There will always be various opinions about this topic but still, progress will continue to happen.