Clash of Clan (CoC) is an online multiplayer fantasy-themed game developed by a Finnish game development company, Supercell. It is a strategy game where a player is a chief of a village. And the player builds the village by using resources produced or by raiding villages of other players. Players can form or join a Clan, an alliance of up to fifty players. With whom they can share troops and fight in Clan Wars 2.

Installation Guide for Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an entertaining game that people of all ages can enjoy. It is easy to install; simply download the game from the Play Store for Android using your  Supercell Gmail account or from the App Store for iOS and start enjoying the game. The Clash of Clans wiki also holds much info about the game.

Upon opening, the village chief greets and guides you about the basic gameplay, including few attacks to gain some resources. Then uses those resources to buy some buildings. You’ll also prepare your troops for the next battle by training them. During the guide, you’d notice that it takes some time to perform specific tasks like training troops or building structures. Be careful while picking a username because they are publicly visible to other players.

During the guide, you learn to attack other players, build different buildings, produce resources, train troops, and upgrade the buildings. After the guide, you are ready to embark on the massive journey as a chief and build, train and attack other players.

Every few months, Supercell comes out with a Clash of Clans update which you can get from the PlayStore or just go to their website and download the newest version of Clash of Clans apk.

Now, if you’re facing trouble anywhere throughout the game, you can always send them an email on their Supercell Gmail account and get help on your Clash of clans pc


Clash of Clan Gameplay

Clash of Clan has three main resources: gold, elixir, and dark elixir, which you can extract via their respective mines. Further, they’ll also require storage units of their own. You can earn golds, elixir, and dark elixir by completing a single-player campaign to attack a set of fortified goblin villages. You also make these resources by attacking the bases of other random players.

CoC allows other players to attack your town and village resources, like how you attack other villages. That is why you would also need to strengthen your defenses and troops by upgrading them regularly. You can build and upgrade defenses and traps using gold and elixir, while you would need elixir and dark elixir to train and upgrade troops and spells.

To upgrade buildings and defenses, you’ll need a free builder. While provided with two builders with the game, you can purchase up to five more using gems. Gems are the game’s premium currency which you can get through in-game purchases, achievement completion, troop event completion, and clearing obstacles that appear on your base.

Once you build the clan tower, you can join a clan and participate in different events. You can aid or request troops for your village for attacks or defense. One can join clan wars between other clans, in which participants of clan war attack the opposition, and the clan with the most star points wins. The winning clan receives the full War Win bonus, and each clan gets 40% if it ends in a draw and 30% if defeated.


Overall, games like Clash of Clans are fantastic games that both children and adults love. We’ve had reviews of parents playing CoC with their children, constructing powerful bases, and strategizing clan war strategies.