Most of the Gamers out there who feel that they should get back to their Clash Of Clans game but switch from Android to iPhone will learn much from this article. In the meantime, they cannot assign the Google account directly to the game if they are using the game on the iOS platform. Above all, they require SuperCell ID to continue their previous saved game. But if such new users had not created SuperCell ID, it is impossible to recover their saved games. Hence, this video will guide the users to log in to their Google account, recover the game from it and transfer the saved game to the SuperCell ID using the emulator. Then, later they can log in their SuperCell ID into their iPhones easily. Therefore, they can recover the game on their iOS devices. Hence, if you want to know how to recover your Clash of Clans Account using desktop then follow these steps:

Steps to recover a Clash of Clans Account are as follows:

1. First of all, download the “Gameloop” application from any of your preferred browsers.
Also, The link for the Gameloop application is here.

2. Now, install the Gameloop application. After that, all you need to do is now open the application.
3. Further, sign up for the “Gameloop account” using either Facebook or Google if you are new. Or, log in if you are an existing user.
4. Now, go to your profile and install the “GooglePlay” app from the “My App” section inside the Gameloop application.

5. Then, the next step is to log in to your Google Play Account.
6. After logging in, you will need to re-open the “Google Play” app. After complete download and installation of PlayStore, search for the “Clash of Clans

” app.
7. Let it download and install and finally open it.
8. Now, go to the “Settings” in the game and connect your Google Play Account to sign in and recover your game.
9. After signing in, you need to tap on “Load your previous saved game“.

load game
10. Now, after you had loaded your saved game all you need to do is go to “Settings” again.
11. After completing the above step, select the “Disconnected” option on the “Settings” screen.
12. Now, register and create an account on “SuperCell” if you are new. Or else log in to your old SuperCell ID if you are an existing user.
13. So now, you are successfully connected to your SuperCell ID.
14. The next step is to go to your iPhone and install the game.
15. Open the game and go to “Settings“.
16. Click on SuperCell ID and put your email of SuperCell ID to log in.
17. Click on confirm on your “Load game account” screen.

load save game
18. That’s all. Finally, your game is successfully loaded on your iPhone or any other iOS device.


In conclusion, it will be a great help if you’re having trouble getting back to your old saved game while using the application on any iOS device. Also, it will be hectic if you lack any spare android devices to connect your SuperCell ID and recover it. So, an emulator will be a great help if you are interested to play your old clash of clans game again. Besides, if you are finding it difficult to follow our guidelines, you can always watch our YouTube video. The link is given below: