Google keeps updating its new features on its products time and again. Google is able to maintain that same level of comfort to users’ utility because of its features assembled and served. Along with them, Google recently updated its service with new features that let users delete the search history that took place for 15 minutes. The new feature can be accessed from your smartphones as well. It will require the “Google Search” app on the device to perform easily within seconds. Or, else we can log in to our Google account and do that manually but will consume more minutes. So, let us learn how to clear Google Search History of the last 15 minutes here.

clear google search


Steps for how to clear Google Search History of the last 15 minutes are mentioned below:

1. The first step here is to locate the “Google Search” app on your device and tap on it to open it.
2. After you opened the application, you will find the “Profile Picture” at the top right corner of the screen. Now, tap on it to open the “Options” available on it.
3. Now, you will find various “Options” in it. Besides all of them, you will have to find the “Delete last 15 min

” option. After you found that option, tap on it. Be aware if you have any important search history available or not before tapping on it.
4. There will prompt a message “Deleting Search history from your Google Account. Changes will show soon.” You can tap on cancel which is available for a few seconds. It will help to undo the task if you have any critical search history available. Wait for a few seconds if you are sure to delete the last 15 minutes’ search history and it will automatically delete your last 15 minutes’ search history on your google account.

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In conclusion, it is the easiest option that made the users very useful which will help to secure your search performance for the last 165 minutes on any device. So, these above-mentioned steps will guide you easily to access how to clear Google Search History of the last 15 minutes. However, if you find the above steps hard to forward then you can watch our YouTube video link given below: