Well, meeting new people is fun. And, having a startup conversation and sharing our thoughts with each other feels very great right. That’s what the Clubhouse is for. If you want to meet new people, share thoughts and socialize with each other then it is the best application that is on the rise these days. Although there is an unlimited option you can search and create. It is also great for your business to grow. You can even learn many new things from participating and asking your required stuff through questions. So, what makes Clubhouse the hype and craze of people. There are many reasons why does clubhouse becoming more famous? Let’s discuss.

Features (Pros) of Clubhouse:

1.Social Interaction

If you love socializing and talking with a large group of people then this is the platform for you, Even if you’re a beginner and want to build up the public speech performance and be more productive then you can start doing that by participating in the group. You can even get feedback on your performance. And, you can then note down all the suggestions you get and improve them day by day. You can even get opportunities to share your thoughts, participate in debates, lectures, and literature. However, all the performances depend on what kind of group you followed and how that audience reacts to your performance. The main motive of your goal has to be strong and be aware of the comments and let down your fears to pass.

2.Networking and carrier build-ups.

There are numerous users of Clubhouse all over the world. There are brilliant talented people who are giving time to others and help them grow. You can learn great new things from such public figures

and get help from them. Also, you can connect with many people sharing your thoughts and connect with them and help grow your network. You can create your target and set a goal to achieve your dream by interacting with different groups and variants of participants.

Cons of Clubhouse:


Since there is a large number of participants, there is a large proportion of noise as well. Also, the app does not give a noise cancellation mechanism as well. So, when there is a large number of participants the group start to discuss nothing is about to be clear at all. So, it’s the biggest con of the Clubhouse app.

2.Lack of control over discussions

You are fully controlled by the moderator in the group. If there is any idea you want to discuss then you will have to raise your hand and your turn comes after other participants who raised their hand first. It is going to be so stressful to discuss your idea. To join the app you must be referred by the pre-existing user. You should be approved by the member within 24 hours or else you won’t be able to create the account. And if you are unable to create your account then you will have to wait 24 hours for the invited person as well your invitation.

Our final verdict

Overall, Clubhouse is the best platform you could get in the market to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. You will meet new people and will be able to grow yourself if you are using it in a positive way.