Computer Engineers are the ones that occupy the field of electrical engineering and computer science. They invent new computer hardware and software. So, they are the key person who is involved in the design of Computer Architecture. Every year there are millions of new students admitted for the study of computer engineers. They are involved in Computer technological researches and new inventions as well. So, what are the benefits and losses of being a Computer Engineer in the modern era? It might be wonderful to dedicate your whole life to this carrier. But there are many obstacles you have to face to be successful Computer engineers.

Let’s discuss the Positive and Negative sides of being a Computer Engineers:

Pros of Being a Computer Engineer:

1. High Salary for Computer Engineers

Well, being a Computer Engineer is not an easy thing. That’s why Computer Engineer are paid with high values. The minimum average wage of computer engineers is about $66,3970 yearly. The degree is ideal for bigger companies. But most of them are hiring the individual with much more experience than having a degree from the universities.

2. Job Security

When we are comparing the job and professions then computer engineers are having much more secure jobs than others. There is high demand as the global market requires new innovation and technology. So, if the individual is smarter, hardworking, and dedicated then that person will have a secure job.

3. Freedom of Travel to Computer Engineers

If you are a computer engineer then you can choose where you want to live. And, start your daily work. There are certain limits. But, it cannot be considered hard as compared to other professions. Silicon Valley in California is the most suitable choice for most computer engineers. If you are a great consultant on information security then there are many companies worldwide. They are always throwing vacancies for computer engineers. It is basically for cybersecurity. So, if you are selected you can travel and pack your bags. And, you can stay there unless your project is done. So, after the project is completed you can apply to other companies.

Cons of Being a Computer Engineers

1. Not for everyone

Well, many of us are not related to computer tech families. Hence, our parents don’t like such professions. So, there is also one of us who shows a lack of interest in computer technologies. So, they cannot dedicate their whole life to these kinds of professions.  Even if you are engaged in this profession and you are not keeping yourself up to date, keep improving your skill. Then, it will gradually make you low and down. And the requirement of dedicating your carrier to this profession requires strong study and hardworking. It will then get your degrees in the universities.

2. Over-time for Computer Engineers

According to the statistics record, Computer engineers work for more than 40 hours per week. That is on average 9 hours per day. There might be times when the project deadline is coming near. And, you will have to sacrifice the weekend. And also, do the overtime on your average working days. Well, each company has its own policies so Computer engineers are paid according to the company for overtime. So, the payment is not the same. It varies from company to company. So, it is hard to maintain the earning even though working extra hours.

3. Stress and mentally challenging for Computer Engineers

Every project of the computer engineer is unique and new. So, there must be knowledge that is up to date. And, there will be a difficult situation where you have solved it by your own means and it will mentally challenge you. So, you have to cover those difficulties to get you paid. And the deadline of the project with the difficult task will lead you to extreme stress and depression. Debugging problems also increase another level of stress to the engineer and that delays the timely implementation of software. And the client or customers are also another part that is being hard to handle and it increases the stress level of computer engineers.

Final Verdict

Our final conclusion is that everything has a price. So, if you want to relate to the pros then you have to consider the cons and keep working hard to become a successful computer engineer. Overall, it is a great profession and most of the profession has its own bad and good sides just as this one. And besides, it is a fun job to do as well. It will make you happy to work with computers technologies.