Document Management System (DMS) is an efficient way of managing electronic or digital documents with the use of a computer system. It encompasses the systematic process of storing, sharing, tracking, and managing electronic documents like PDF, word files, and digital images.

Since it uses computer systems to work, various types of document management system software are available in the market. It helps in file management for the various types of document they have and maintain control over them.

An organization uses this method vastly. Of course, you can use the system without an organization as well. It creates a log of all documents available and manages to check in and check out records. Also in addition, during editing of any type of documents, it keeps both a copy of an original version and an edited version.

Here, we will be discussing the advantages of document management along with some of its drawbacks. So that it will help you for a better understanding of the system.

Pros of Document Management System:

1. Storing capacity is vastly increased:

In any case or any instance, physical documents will take greater space than digital ones. For any organization which needs loads of paperwork every time, this process of storing them for the future is tiresome. Whereas in a file management system, we can store many documents quickly and also retrieve them at any time. Not to mention the storage capacity of a computer system.

2. Minimum use of papers:

With all the documents stored digitally, the use of papers is at a minimum. This results in saving time and money on the purchase of papers. Indirectly it also helps in conserving the forests.

3. Maintaining control over documents:

In a huge company or organization, there are always some confidential documents. If those are in physical form then there are always risk factors of being read in public. But with the system, the risk is reduced. Since the system can be used to limit access to some important documents. This means even it is stolen it cannot be accessed to be read by unauthorized personnel.

4. Easy use of the system:

The use of the system is not complex. Various software in the market offers various functions. And we can use most of them quite easily without much difficulty.

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1. Startup is costly:

For relatively small-scale organizations, DMS can be a bit costly. With all those hardware and personnel required needs cost. Also, it includes the purchase of required software for the system.

2. Need for Regular updates:

The use of various hardware and software needs updates now and then. If not done then the system is vulnerable to external threats or attacks. And exchanging or updating previous software is troublesome. Especially when you are comfortable using them frequently.

There is the reason why many big organizations have their own Document Management System. It helps to manage your document more effectively and reduce failure. Moreover is not only there to maintain records but to systematize your workflow and process.

A proper DMS allows the organization to maintain its business credibility and proper business. We also believe that DMS is important. At least you will be greatly able to manage time without all those troublesome paper documents.