How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook?

How to enable Dar Mode on Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social platform where millions of people are connected. Facebook provides its mobile application which is very handy and easily accessible. However, for a long time, Facebook was unable to provide its user with Dark Mode on the mobile application. It was a big concern for all those Facebook users. But recently Facebook has provided the dark mode option for all the users all over the world. Recently it was available for limited users and geography only. So, if you are still unaware of the features then just follow these steps for How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook.

So, these are the easy steps for how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook:

1.First of all search for Facebook application. Then, tap and open Facebook.

step_01 for how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook

2.After the Facebook application is opened then search for the Menu bar. After that tap on the Menu bar.

step_02 for how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook

3.Now, scroll down to the bottom of the Setting page. Then search for Settings and Privacy. Now, tap on the Setting and Privacy option.

step_03 for how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook

4.In the Settings and Privacy menu you will find the Dark Mode option. So, tap on the Dark mode option.

step_04 for how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook

5.Now all you have to do is tap on the On button at the white circle on the top right corner of the screen.

6.At last you will find that all your Facebook application will be running on Dark Mode.


In conclusion, Facebook has made its user-friendly User Interface(UI) to its user. So, it is very easy to use the Facebook UI. You can clearly find these options or steps mentioned above in the Facebook UI in no time. If you are still in confusion and don’t know how to enable dark mode on Facebook then please refer to the below link to our YouTube channel and you can easily access or learn the visual tutorials:

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