Well, there were some users who were complaining about the dark mode not being available on Microsoft Office android. Guess what those requests were officially heard by Microsoft. So, Microsoft Office got the dark mode officially for your convenience. Those chunks of paragraphs we read on smartphones are just so easy to read now. Excel data are more convenient to address carefully without straining your eyes. Since most apps these days are following the trend of the dark mode and its usefulness. So, all those apps are very much appreciated by the users by their advantage of using the dark mode during the nighttime. So, if you are wondering how to enable dark mode on Microsoft office on Android then we just have the proper guidelines for you.

The steps to follow to enable dark mode on Microsoft office on android are as follows:

  1. First of all, search for the night mode on your phone. It can be available on the notification bar as well as in the settings of your phone.
  2. Now after you found the night mode activate it. It will solve half of your steps.
  3. Now, install Microsoft Office from your Google App store if you had not installed it yet. S0, if you had already installed then just search for the application on your application stacks.
  4. Now, tap on the Microsoft office and open it. Now, your Microsoft office will automatically take the Dark mode from your system setting. And now you have successfully activated the Dark mode on Microsoft Office.
  5. If your Microsoft Office does not apply the dark mode on its user interface automatically from the above steps then just go to the settings of your Microsoft Office application. Now, after that search for themes. Tap on it. And after that select the dark theme. It will now activate the dark mode on your Microsoft Office.

Those are all the steps you can apply to enable dark mode on Microsoft office on your android phones. If you still have some issue finding the above steps to follow then just follow the video link we have given below: