Microsoft team is one of the rising social platforms where groups of people can share ideas and communicate with each other. The Microsoft Team is especially famous for organization productive meetings. Either it is related to an educational purpose or a work-related topic team will help you complete that task. Teams provide many features that we had discussed in our previous post. It has its one of the charming feature called Whiteboard that we are really interested with. However, the Microsoft Whiteboard app is available separately as well.

Microsoft Teams whiteboard is one of the best productive features. It is designed for sharing your idea and pinning each idea of the members of the group during the meeting. There are features of Microsoft Whiteboard that will make you look back at it. Features of Whiteboard will boost up your daily task and saves your ideas that pop up which later on you don’t have to regret upon.

Top 5 Features of Microsoft Whiteboard:

1.Microsoft Whiteboard Supports pen with infinite pages

Microsoft Whiteboard supports a pen that will help you to write in it just like the pen and paper. There is an infinite amount of pages on the Whiteboard. It supports drawing and selection of various colors that will let you want to draw through your pen all day. There is pressure sensitivity on the app UI that helps to make your writing buttery smooth and handy. The back of the pen supports the erasing option just the real pencil with an eraser. So if you want to erase your writing just flip the pen’s back and rase it.

2.Ink Beautification Tool

If you had bad handwriting then Ink Beautifier Tool is the best feature for you. Either you are listening to someone else and writing the summary of the lecture fast, or you have that something in your brain that needs to be quickly written without worrying about your handwriting then you should not worry much about your writing. Because this tool will help you fix that in a second. What it technically does is that it will make your handwriting presentable by just simply selecting the content you want and selecting the Ink beautifier option. And it will help you understand others people handwriting easily and clearly.

3.Ink Grab

If you have a pile of snaps from your notebook and want to drag them into your Whiteboard and use them as the reference in your notes then Ink Grab will help you. Import the image with the notes into Whiteboard and select it. After that select the image for few seconds and go to the bottom right side of the option and select Ink grab. The AI of the whiteboard will scan your letter and inputs it into your Whiteboard as digital letters. It might however need to be maintained or edit for the best experience. It will save your time and your notes of hardcopy will be saved in your softcopy of the Whiteboard.

4.Microsoft Whiteboard Sharing

Everything on your Whiteboard can be shared. It can be shared in either Image form or Document form. The image format can be either .PNG or .SVG format. The sharing can be done with your colleges through Microsoft Team so that everyone can view and edit your ideas. You can even share your content through email as well. It is directly shared through the cloud so you can access with any device with access to the internet.

5.Microsoft Whiteboard Customization

Microsft Whiteboard supports the customization of texts, drawings, and many more. There are multiple selections of color choices. You can draw your imaginations. The blank page can be designed all on your own concept. You can import images and customize them. Also, you can include charts, boxes ad diagrams. You can include graphs drawing, a piechart, and other statistics of the data.

Our Final Verdict

Microsoft Whiteboard is available in android, tablets, macs, and windows. So, there won’t be a problem accessing your saved data. It is a great app designed by Microsoft and it is making the eco-friendly by saving the papers we use in our lifetime, Overall it is fun to do an application you should try if you are a new user.