Shopping is becoming more and more convenient these days. The introduction of online shopping had made it even more flexible to choose your goods. So, these services had made people give less effort than traditional shopping. Many vendors are getting brilliant profit through online shopping as well. Namely, Flipkart is one of those online shopping sites that are famous for many online users.

Flipkart is established in India and it is famous as Amazon of the Indian market. It was started in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Bansal. It was initially made for selling books. Later on, it expanded to multiple categories such as electronic goods, beauty and health care, gaming, home and kitchen, mobile phones and accessories, computers, refrigerators, personal care, hair care, and so on.

Flipkart is famous for its various features. And it has been categorized for its various scams and frauds as well. So, let’s just see in contrast what are its pros and cons.

Pros of Flipkart:

1. Huge collection of Goods

As being the number one shopping site of India, it has a huge variety of stuff. You can have multiple options for the goods you are searching for. They are expanded in various cities of India so that’s why it has a large collection of various categories. Also, Flipkart is tied up with many Clothing brands along with Sport wears and Cosmetics. So, huge choices are available for customers. Flipkart is also famous for its huge collection of blue-ray and 3D movies. You can even purchase games and Flyte music downloads as well.

2. Flipkart Discounts offers

Flipkart offers various discount offers from time and again. So, customers are always waiting for their huge discount on their selling items. It is a benefit for customers who are on a budget and save up some amount of money. It seems that the discount is available for genuine and branded products as well. you can get a limited discount on other e-commerce sites. However, Flipkart is bringing the discount on the non-branded as well as branded products as well.

3. 24/7 Online With Good Delivery Option

Flipkart is available 24/7 the whole year. So, it is beneficial for both night shift workers and day workers. You can purchase your goods at any time and with timely delivery. It seems that Flipkart is having no issues with delivery as many are appreciating its delivery. Flipkart is available in multiple cities of India and it is tied up with multiple courier services for timely delivery. There is a Cash on Delivery

option available for customers as well. You can even get a 30-day replacement warranty as well.

Cons of Flipkart:

1. Available only in India

Flipkart is an Indian brand so that’s why it aims to provide its service in India only. Maybe they will expand their service in the international market in the future. Until then we will have to wait. So, the major cons here will be the service is not available outside India.

2. Flipkart Empty packages and scams

Flipkart delivers the goods in time. There seem to be no complaints about the delivery being delayed. However, the goods seem to be missing on the delivery items. Many complaints that the package is empty in the delivery. And seems that Flipkart is not giving a refund son such aces here. And along with it, Flipkart is famous for its scams which are seen in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Many customers are being scammed in the e-commerce service many times. Flipkart may be trying to figure out the issue here in the future as we guess.

3. Delivery Fees and Village availability

Well, it seems that Flipkart has no problem in cities for delivery. However, village areas are not markup the priority list in Flipkart business. Sometimes it takes more time to deliver products in rural areas. And the delivery is increased time and again. The delivery fee comparison is not as good as other e-commerce sites. It is quite expensive in comparison as other e-commerce sites of India are delivering goods in low process.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, Flipkart has its own weightage of good and bad. However, the service it has been providing is very beneficial for the customers. You can always choose other e-commerce sites if you are not satisfied with them. There are so many e-commerce sites such as Amazon India, Daraz, eBay, etc. However, these are international e-commerce sites and are available in many parts of the world. So, it will be a better option you’re outside India.