The first thing is if you are confused about the G-suite and Google Workspace then they both are the same thing. If you want to know more about Google workspace then you can see our previous article. It was launched in 2006 as Google Apps. And later on, it was rebranded as G Suite in 2016.

G-suite provides many services like Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Meet, Chat as communication tools. And, there are Google Drives for storage as well. Also, Google Docs includes the word, excel, sheets, PowerPoint, etc for the content creators are available for the users.

Being so popular and with its high demand what are its negative sides we do really are ignoring in the present context. What are the positive outcomes of the Google G suite that benefits us? There are so many alternatives to G-suite and why we choose this service as our daily driver. So, let’s point out the pros and cons of the G-suite in clear contrast.

Pros of G-suite:

  1. There is brilliant storage of your personal files and that can be shared easily through Google Drive.
  2. The Gmail service is very flexible and has extended functionality for its users.
  3. Slack is more popular for the synchronization of Google Calendar and Google Drive. This makes users easy to share spreadsheets, documents, and files with communications. There is a prompt option that helps you to catch every notification.
  4. Multiple users can access Google documents and spreadsheets easily across multiple devices which makes it easier to access, edit, and analyze data efficiently and saves up your time as well.
  5. Google Meet is easy to set up meetings and it can be accessed through your Gmail User Interface. It has the best sound quality and ease of access by third-party users.
  6. Google Workspace for education is a brilliant tool for students and teachers. They can participate in their respective roll easily online.
  7. Cloud storage and file-sharing are easy.
  8. The integration of G-suite with the different platforms is seamless. That’s what makes it more easily accessible.
  9. Brilliant for employee management.
  10. User administration is simple and easy to set up.

Cons of G-suite:

  1. Support and troubleshooting are not so great. You cannot have customer care service for Gmail issues and errors.
  2. Google Sheets has no functions improvements. The office-like applications are simple and advanced users are not satisfied with the service. It is not at the Microsoft Office level.
  3. Document conversion is a hectic process to handle. You cannot convert your G-suite files to Microsoft Office files.
  4. Some process of using the G-suite component is daunting to some. As the best example sharing calendar is difficult.
  5. Google is too quick to remove the brilliant services it was giving before. So, there are many services which were available in G-suite before which can’t be seen in present dates.
  6. The messaging applications are not very great in comparison with other alternatives in the market.
  7. Sometimes there is a problem in syncing between different platforms of devices.
  8. The problem sometimes is while uploading files in Google Drive. Many have a complaint about the upload or download being frozen and have to re-do the task.
  9. Email service lacks many features as its alternative Outlook and exchange for example its read receipts are missing.
  10. G-suite pricing is higher compared to its alternatives.

Final verdict:

So, the G-suite service is brilliant in context for simplicity. However, if you are an advanced user then you might feel the lack of many services and preferences. Overall, it is a good-to-go service for most business users. However, if you are planning to choose its alternatives there are many options. Such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, WPS Office, iWork, Microsoft 365, WordPerfect, and many more.