Internet is becoming our second source of communication these days. The number of chats we share is limitless. And the Emails play even more role in sharing our communicative packages. Here, the talk is directed towards Gmail. We deliver our loved ones with wishful lucks, also to provide our bosses with that last Friday assignment with the Emails.

Some of the best well-established Email companies are Gmail and Yahoo. There are other numerous Email companies as well which have been giving Email services for many users all over the world. It seems these two are dominating in the market these days as it is good with its security and services. However, you cannot underestimate other companies such as Outlook, ProtonMail, AOL, Zoho Mail, iCloud Mail, GMX, and many more.

As the dominant Email service provider, Gmail is the one we are really concerned about. Most of the smartphones we use these days are powered by Google. And it is loaded with the Gmail app. So, we automatically being dependent on Gmail services it is becoming more and more popular.

So, we all have our experience with the Email ecosystem. We all have been through that brilliant tools that excite us. Also, we had experienced the scarce of some tools of the Email services we use daily. Similarly, in the context of Gmail, it has its own Pros and Cons. If you are experiencing the good values of Gmail or having issues with the services let’s see them in contrast.

Pros And Cons of Gmail are:

Pros of Gmail:

1. Clean interface

Gmail has a clean interface. It has even got the Application for phones which is very easy to use. It also gives the feature of phone calls and hangouts. You can even group chat from the Inbox Interface of your Emails. The Compose button is nearby and the sending option is easy to navigate with its attach buttons and other features. You can even create a folder and organize your emails to your specific folders. You can even prioritize your emails as well. Also, you can get default categories in the Gmail UI separated by social media, Promotion, starred, favorites, and others. The calendars are also available along with the contacts as well. Y0u can even easily schedule your emails and check them with the Scheduled Folder listed in the options of Gmail.

2. Fast, Free and Stable with spam protection

First of all, Gmail is free. And it is the fastest Email service that I available in the world. It loads in seconds and saves your time. Gmail has 99.9% spam protection. It protects your email address from spam emails that are filtered by Gmail itself and makes it easier to control them. The attachments you either sent and receive are automatically scanned before you upload or download them. It will give you Virus Protection as well.

3. Easy Accessible on all platforms

Gmail works with Desktops, Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, and Smart TVs. So, you can easily access all your emails easily within those platforms and it will give your productivity level a boost up as well. It is the first most loved feature by users all over the world.  It also syncs all your settings and history throughout all these platforms as well. You can access your attached photos and documents when you can easily sync.

4. Advance search and Keystroke shortcuts

Well, there are the best tools in Gmail that help to search your preferred Gmail within your 1000s of mails. So, this feature will help to find the exact email you are searching for and also saves up your time. Altogether, there are the Keystroke shortcuts you can use for fast use and time management. It will help you to do many kinds of stuff with less time.

Cons of Gmail:

1. Free Ads

Well, being free does not mean you can get their services with actual free in practical life. You will have to sacrifice something to get free access. Here in the scenario, you will get noisy ADs and popups every time you open the Gmail service. So, it is the huge disadvantage of the Gmails service.

2. No customer service

If you are struggling with some issues in Gmail and want to contact its service operator you can’t. There is no customer service that will listen and all the issues have to be fixed by yourself. You cannot solve the issue sometimes and it gets frustrating and you will have to live with that. So, it’s another huge Con of Gmail.

3. Spam is always not accurate

Sometimes the emails you get which you knew were from a valid address get into the spam folder. And it makes it harder to look for that email. And, being the strict scanner of emails, it will quite be hectic for your mails to pass as it goes through multiple scanning. So, next time if you are wondering you are not receiving emails from a specific person in time then try checking your spam folder.

4. Low storage capacity and less choice of preferred name

Gmail has been updating its policies regularly. So, this year Gmail stops providing unlimited storage of Google Photos. And, it has affected the storage of Gmails as it will be using the space of Gmail from now on. So, in comparison, the 15 GB is quite not fair and not enough. So, it will hectic if you are sending larger attachments within a year of emails. Also, there are millions of users all over the world and they had selected numerous names while signing up. So, there is less choice in your preferred name while you sign up. So, it might be a problem for some users as they have to pick the suggested see name in the signup process.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Pros and Cons of Gmail seem to balance each other out. However, some things are just needed to be changed for users. So, Google Gmail is always updating and proving new features time and again. So, seems like things might change in the future and it will keep continuing staying at the top. However, you can always try different Email service provider as you have the freedom to choose.