Google is very clever and builds up new tech items for every person. So, Google Assistant is one of the smart answering software made by Google. It is primarily artificial intelligence powered by virtual assistants. Google Assistant is available on mobile and smart home devices. It was introduced in May 2016 as part of Google’s messaging app Allo and with its voice-activated speaker Goole Home.

The main purpose is to assist the users with whatever they require. The help may relate with the assistant of searching your query on the internet, play music on your audio player, closes the door of your smart home, and so on. It gives you your preferred male or female natural voice. The demand for Google Assistant is increasing day by day in the modern world. There seems to be its own pros and cons people have been enjoying and criticizing, simultaneously as well. Let’s contrast them in the points below.

Pros of Google Assistant:

1. Do most out of Google Assistant

Well, as modern technology is upgrading day by day, it is making our days easier. So, the Goole Assistant is also one of the factors that make our life easier. It can control your devices and your smart home. So, technically speaking you can turn your fan ON/OFF, play music from your music player, turn your AC ON/OFF, and so on. You can even access your calendars and make your schedule dates for important jobs and reminders. Voice command can be given to search the keyword you are searching for and read your content. YOu can even call your contact numbers and answer your call with a voice command. Also, messages can be sent through voices as well. You can open apps on your smart devices and smartphones. It can read your notifications for you. You can even play games as well. YOu can get real-time spoken translation too.

Altogether, Google is improving the Assistant more and more as time goes by. So, there are so many new features available besides above mentioned. You can try them out and experience them by your own self.

2. Google Assistant Sync between different platforms

Google Assistant can sync your preferred searching terms across devices such as Computers, Smartphones, Google Home, and other platforms. So, it helps to find your query quickly and learn them by AI and makes it easier to perform your task quicker across the platforms. You can even sync your search history as well. Google Assistant can learn your preferences and it will help to save your time when switching across the devices.

All you have to do is create a Goole account. And, login to your devices across different platforms. And at last, you just have to activate the sync option ON so that all your information sync across devices easily when connected to the internet.

3. Available in Cars that help in while you are Driving

Google Assistant is available as Android Auto in various cars. Many cars company are collaborating with Google and improving their service in their newly built cars. The Google Assistant can talk to you while driving and using steering wheels and show you your nearby location through google maps. It will all be voice command and you don’t have to get distracted while driving by touching your screens. The Anker Roav Bolt and JBL Link Drive can be plugged into the car’s socket and you can connect your phones to your car stereo via Bluetooth or AUX and play music to enhance your mood while during as well.

Cons of Google Assistant:

1. No natural voice yet

Although Google Assistant has man-like voiceovers, it still is not clear yet. We can hear some cracks and unpleasant sound breaks while performing the action. We feel like we’re interacting with ROBOTS, not the assistant. Since the objective of Goole was to mimic interaction with the real person, it still lacks that experience and does not feel like interacting with the real person. However, the improvements are going and it is becoming better ana netter day by day. In the future, hope it gets much better than we expected.

2. Privacy concerns on Google Assistant

Google invented the Duplex, an extension that assists Google assistants to carry out the natural conversation by mimicking human voice.  The manner is similar to robocalling. The assistant can complete tasks like calling your loved ones, turn off fans, and many more. It can even interact like humans such as giving replies like “hmm”  and “uh”, “mhm” and “gotcha”.  So, there have been many unethical and privacy concerns over critics. Since we are giving our information to the assistant it might later turn out to be a sci-fi horror movie. Privacy advocates even raised concerns about the millions of vocal samples being recorded and used as feedback for virtual assistants. It makes AI even smarter and disadvantageous for us.

In July 2019 Belgium public broadcaster VRT NWS published an article revealing the sensitive data that Goole Assistant is using private conversation to business calls or bedroom conversations without saying the “Okay Google” command. Well, from these data, we have to be a little bit concerned about the privacy of our daily activity along with Google Assistant.

3. Need more upgrades on Google Assistant

However, on the day this article is written it looks like it still lacks many features. The user experience is not that satisfactory. There can be even robots with the same assistant as well. Who knows, you can even have the more precise search result and freedom of getting the real sensation of talking with the real person.  You can even have the whole task of smartphones done with voice commands. So, the early stages of Google assistant require more upgrades for full satisfaction of the service.

Final verdict:

There are many competitive virtual AI assistants in the market. So, the Competitive era might bring new improvements day by day. It is very beneficial for consumers. So, if you want to try other Assistants, you can check on Amazon Alexa, Siri, Bixby, DataBot, AIVC, and many more. So, Google Assistant has to beat up these services to stay on top and earn the love from its users.