With 3.5 million of the content available and still growing platform is the Goole PlayStore. As most of the Smartphones are powered by the Google Andriod OS, Google PlayStore is the most. It is the digital distribution for mobile phones which includes Movies, Music, Books, Apps, and Games. It also acts as the official app store.

However, the Google PlayStore is making the monopoly market in the Android universe, there are many brands that exclude the store for their smartphones. Besides, Google Playstore is facing much more critiques as the alternatives are starting to improves more and inefficient ways. But the top is still not yet defined for the newcomers in the App Store market. So, why does Google PlayStore become still the best competitor for the Andriod OS? But still why many criticize its methods and features. Let’s check the Advantages And Disadvantages of Google PlayStore in this article.

Advantages of Google PlayStore:

  1. The whole collection of stores is now included with Movies and TV, Music, and Books as well as apps and games.
  2. Google has made strict policies and criteria for the developers to filter their products from being spam or irrelevant so it is good for the customers.
  3. Google PlayStore has the easiest and handy User Interface.
  4. It is a large store of the collection with so many options to choose from compared to other stores.
  5. So, developers can upload their work at a cheap and affordable price with Google’s recommendation as well.

Disadvantages of Google PlatStore:

  1. It takes to refund your money for paid content. So, you will have to wait longer to get your money back.
  2. You cannot download content such as apps and games directly. So, it will be problematic to make the backup of the apps or games for future use.
  3. Reporting is not very convenient and you will have to wait more time to get the response. Sometimes, you will not respond at all.
  4. Many apps and games and games are free. However, it is packed with multiple ADs which is a major headache.
  5. It includes similar, clone and trash content which google seems to ignore and filter out.

Final Verdict:

Google Android Operating System has the monopoly of the Google PlayStore. You cannot get the new updates and security without updating your stuff. However, you just cannot focus on the negative sides only. Every coin has its own head tails. Similarly, Google PlayStore is relevantly balanced with its negative and positive sides. But if you are interested in alternatives of Google PlayStore there are many. Also, many Smartphone Companies are developing their own Operating Systems with their own Stores which are great to give the effort for. Some of the best examples are Galaxy Store by Samsung, App Store by Apple, Huawei App Store by Huawei, and many more.