We all know Honda is a great vehicle company. It has been serving the customers for more than a century. Its product is reliable and of the best quality. There is a big and famous vehicle invented by the company. Some of the famous names are Honda S800, Honda Civic, Honda Prelude, and so on in the cars section. And in bike sections, there are other names such as The Honda NR750, The Honda NM4, The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, The Honda CRF450R, etc. Well, Honda is famous for its unique creations as well. It creates various vehicles that are unique to other vehicles in the world. Here the Honda Monkey is one of the unique creations of the Honda company.

Honda Monkey is the two-wheeler section of the company. It is a fuel engine that has a capacity of 5.6 litres. And, it is a retro-style bike. Also, it is in the 125cc category. It is made for small riders. It is uniquely designed that has its own pros and cons.

Pros Of Honda Monkey:

1. It has a classic design and its own charm. It has a retro looks design that is just like the modern cafe racer bikes.

2. It has a fuel economy engine. And, it is of 125 cc engine. It has a four-stroke engine. The cooling mechanism is an air-cooled single cylinder. It has a fuel injection mechanism. The Honda Monkey has a four-speed manual transmission. It has 9.25PS with 11.0Nm torque.

3. It has reserve capacity. It gives 189 mpg in fourth gear without fluffing. And with reserve plus 5.6 litres of gas in the tank, it gives 200 miles of coverage. However, the company has claimed 77kmpl.

4. It has well-equipped materials and smart features. It also has an electric start as well.

5. Its overall length is 1710mm, width is 755mm, wheelbase is 1155mm, seat height is 776mm, and the kerb weight is 107kg. So, it is good for short riders and lightweight to handle as well.

Cons Of Honda Monkey:

1. Storage capacity is a must especially the hidden one. So, it has no hidden storage.

2. It costs £3399. It has a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. So, in comparison to the price point, it is expensive.

3. The dimension and size of the Honda Monkey are small. So, it is not comfortable for big riders.

4. Honda Monkey also has a Polarizing styling which is the cons of the design.

5. Fuel capacity is only 5.6 litres with some reserve facility. So, it is a very low capacity fuel tank. It is the major con while travelling a longer distance.

Final Verdict:

So, should you get one? Well, Honda Monkey is not for everyone and you should have that in mind. It is designed for some specific customers in the market. You can choose two different colours. Banana Yellow abd Peral Nebula Red. In comparison to the price range, there are other brands that are under the 125cc category. So, it is not cheap. In looks and style, it is the best design in the market and you should try it out if you are indeed a fan of the design. Overall, it is nice to try out if you are an enthusiast and have the money in your pocket.