The huge library of movies, shows, and videos is what makes Netflix one of the most streaming services. You can access a wide variety of exclusive and original content produced by Netflix that keeps you entertained throughout. Netflix can be a good companion for you to survive the lockdown. A total of 208 million paid subscribers imply how many Netflix users are there worldwide. To find out how much is a Netflix subscription, read this article till the end.

How much is a Netflix Subscription? and, How to subscribe to Netflix?

We will know how much is a Netflix subscription is and subscribing to Netflix is easy and only takes a few steps. Open on your Android, Windows, or IOS device and select the subscription plan, Then create a Netflix account using an email address and fill in the payment methods. Now, you can explore the world of Netflix.

The process is more or less similar in the case of smart TVs. But if you’re wondering “how to subscribe to Netflix?” or “how to subscribe to Netflix on my tv?” Well, smart TVs and media players require downloading Netflix application opening which will ask for email or phone number. You will receive an activation code or link, follow the link and continue the process as above to stream videos on your TV.

Upgrading or downgrading the subscription plan requires a minimum effort and you can also cancel the plan whenever you want without any extra cancellation charges.

How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

You can choose from three different pricing plans for Netflix viz Basic, Standard, and Premium. With all the plans, you can fully enjoy all the contents but the video quality may differ. Each of the Netflix plans allows you to access unlimited movies and series, download them and watch them on any device that supports Netflix streaming.

How much is a monthly subscription to Netflix?

The basic plan starts at $8.99 per month that supports a single device and SD quality video. The Standard plan costs $13.99 per month which lets you share the Netflix account with another device and support HD streaming. This means two users using different devices can stream and download the videos at the same time. Within the Premium plan that costs $17.99, you along with three of your friends or family members can stream the Netflix content on their own devices at the same time. The Premium plan also offers Ultra HD or 4K resolution display.


All in all, the answer to “How much is a Netflix subscription?” depends upon the plan and services you need from Netflix. You will never regret your decision of subscribing to Netflix.