We use screens in our day to day life. And we are using our screen for most of the time. So, our eyes will be stressing so much because of such artificial lights we get from our monitors. In such times we might feel we need to apply dark mode in our tools. So, today we at the luck that we can apply dark mode in our office tools. So, let’s see how to enable dark mode in Office today.

Note: You just have to apply only to one office product and it will be applied to all other office products as well.

The steps for how to enable dark mode in Office are as follows:

1. First open any MS Office product, for now, we are going to open the office as we all are familiar with it very well.

2. Then the main page of MS Office will open. Now, go to its options to check the dark mode option.

3. Now at the options window, you will find the General Office. Now click on General. Then search for Office Theme which lies in Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office Option. Now, in the office theme, you will find different colour options. There you might want to choose your preferred theme. If you are curious to see all themes you can see them by repeating the same steps mentioned above. So, we are going to select a black theme.

4. After applying the black theme your MS Office User Interface will only turn to dark mode. Further, if you want to apply dark mode in your documents you have manually changed colours to dark. It will be very helpful if you are finding it difficult to write on bright screens.

So as an example we are going to show you how we can do that in MS Word.

5. Now go to Design in MS Word. There you will find the Page Colour option on the right side of the window.

6. Now you just have to select the darker colour of your preference.

7. Finally, you will get the dark mode in Office Products where you can work comfortably.

These options are very handy when working for hours. So if you find it useful then you might want to check the video link below for more understanding. And please support us by giving your comments and subscribing to our channel on Youtube.

Here, you can check our infographic:

How to Activate Dark Mode in Office

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