How to Activate Dark Mode on Viber?

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Different application these days comes with dark modes. Dark modes are specially made for convenience of eyes. Among those apps, Viber is the next best messaging app that also gave us the new dark mode. Viber provides its user three different modes. Those are appeared as its theme. Namely they are Classic mode, Dark blue mode and Black mode. You can choose either any of your preferred choice of theme. So, if you are guessing how to apply those themes then Just follow the steps we mentioned. Without any further delay lets see How to activate dark mode on Viber.

So, the steps for how to activate dark mode in Viber are as follows:

1. First of all open your Viber app in your phone. Then search for “More” menu in your application and tap on it. You can see that in the image we posted below:

How to Activate Dark Mode on Viber

2. Now, then find the “Settings” menu and if you had found the settings menu then tap on it.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Viber

3. After that, find the “Appearance” menu on your screen. Now, tap on the “Appearance” menu.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Viber

4. Then, here comes the main part. Now, you can see that there are various modes listed as the choose a theme menu. You can also find that there is a “Change default background” option. You can use that option to change your background wallpaper on your chat screen with your chat partner. There are three modes listed as Classic, Dark Blue, and Black. Choose the Black theme to get the dark mode.

5. Finally, you will get the dark mode on Viber. You can apply dark blue mode as well. If that is your preferred choice. That’s it. Now, you are good to go.

So, these are very simple steps, and it won’t cost you more than a minute if you follow these steps properly. So, you still find it difficult for How to Activate Dark Mode on Viber then you can also watch our YouTube tutorials guide. The linkĀ is given below:

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