If you are familiar with the Google Playstore and Apple Store then you won’t take long to know the Steam as well. Steam is a similar platform where users can buy and download PC Games free of cost as well as paid. Usually, the games are of the paid version. However, you can get free games on steam as well.

It is the video game digital distribution service provided by Valve. Steam was launched in September 2003. It was mainly released by Valve to provide updates for their games and later on expanded to include third-party games. It is free of charge to download. But the games included inside the application will cost you money. It is a cloud-based gaming library where users can create and even discuss their games. You can even voice and text chat in the application. You can even add friends and create groups of your own as well. Included with this, there are many other facilities you can explore. For that, you just have to download the application. So, if you are unfamiliar with the service and want to learn the steps to download steam then you can simply follow the below steps:

Steps to Download Steam are as follows:

  1. The first step you can follow is to go to the official website of steam. There you can simply download the application. Well, the link is given below for your convenience: https://store.steampowered.com/about/
  2. After the link opens, you will have to click on the button called “Install Steam Now”. It will automatically download the application. You will have to allow the application to download for further process.
  3. After the completion of the download, you will have to run the application installer. Just follow the steps simply and you will easily complete the installation of the file.
  4. So, now run the application. After the application starts you will be prompt with login IDs or to create one if you have not.
  5. You will have to create your account if you have not. Those steps are very easy and you will have to just follow instructions on the screen thoroughly.
  6. Now after the login or created your account and logged in you will have successfully installed and entered into your steam application.

Final Verdict:

So, you had learned how to download steam easily with the above simple steps. Steam is overall the best you can get for the large collection of games. However, there are many other alternative sites if you are not happy with this. For example, Epic Games is another best example of its alternative. If you are a low budget player then there are those times when these gaming stores platform serves free games for a limited time. And you will have to just stay updated to grab that opportunity.