We all love to create memories. Memories bring back our joys and sorrows. In old days, people saved their memories in sketches and paintings while modern people rely on pictures. Later, nowadays even smartphones are capable of capturing precious memories. Besides, sometimes we have our private pictures collected on our smartphones. So, we prefer not to show those photos should to anyone when they touch our smartphones. There are numerous Android devices that support the official vault or password protection to store your precious pictures. Similarly, iPhones also provide a locking system for private photos. However, the feature is quite tricky. So, we will guide you on how you can officially hide the photos on your iPhones. Let’s get started on how to hide photos on iPhone.

Stepwise process for how to hide photos on iPhone:

1. First of all, go to your “Photos” app on your iPhone. There, search for your preferred important picture that should be hidden and select it. You can even select bulk photos as well.

1st step for How to hide photos on iPhone

1st Step

2. Now, you can click on the “Share” button on your iPhone. The share icon will be located on the bottom left corner of your iPhone screen.

2nd step

2nd Step

3. Scroll down the options until you found the “Hide” option. Now, click on the hide option. And, after that re-confirm by tapping on the “Hide Photo” option that will be prompted on your iPhone screen.

3rd stepi for How to hide photos on iPhone

3rd Step (i)

3rd stepii for How to hide photos on iPhone

3rd Step (ii)

4. Finally, your photo/photos are hidden. Furthermore, all you have to do is locate your hidden photos.

5. For that, go to “Albums” which should be located at the bottom of the screen in your “Photos” app. Click on the albums after you had found the menu.

4th step for How to hide photos on iPhone

5th Step

6. Scroll down and find the option “Hidden“. To summarize, after you found that option click on it. There you can find your hidden photos.

5th step

6th Step

6th step


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iPhones are best known for their security and their features. That is the reason why most of the features are tricky for most users. The way it provides us with tons of features is brilliant. However, there is always a different way to approach its features access. To use the features we always have to use the guidelines we mentioned above for how to hide photos on iPhone. Besides, if you have an issue with the written steps mentioned above you can watch our YouTube video. The link to the video is given below: