How to Remove Google Chrome Apps?

Remove google chrome apps

Google Chrome is one of the best free web browser in the tech world. It was officially released on December 11,2008 by google. Since then it has improved its features and brought new updates day to day. So, there is a feature in google chrome which allows its user to install application inside the google chrome web browser. These applications worth’s a lot and helps to save time for its user and access the internet easily and conveniently. So, however there are so many third party application in the google chrome which sometimes tangle us with major problems. Such as excessive use of ram, slow web browser and slowing our computer. From such issues user sometimes want to uninstall its applications. So , if you are also facing such problem and don’t know how to remove google chrome apps then just read this full article.

These steps will guide you for how to Remove Google Chrome Apps:

1.First of all open your web browser. In my case its Google Chrome.

Step_01 to Remove Google Chrome extensions

2.Now, click on the colorful icon at top left corner of the screen. It will be written as the Apps.

Step_02 to remove google chrome apps

3.After, that a screen will pop up where all your installed application will show up.

Step_03 to remove google chrome apps

4.Now you will have to right click on any app you want to uninstall. Then various option will pop up and search for remove from chrome option and click on it.

Step_04 to remove google chrome apps

5.Now the UI will open on your browser where you will have to confirm your removal of the application. Click on the Remove button.


6.Now, you can see that your applications have been removed. Now you can follow same process to remove all your unwanted applications from the Google Chrome.


So, these are the easy steps you can follow. If you are unable to catch up with these steps. Then you can check out our video below to access your applications and control it to Remove Google Chrome apps.

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