Viber is one of the efficient tools for messaging in today’s world. It is very handy when sending files and transferring minor data as well. The app is even brilliant when we want to share some links to useful websites. It has a brilliant way of sending, receiving, and achieving our personal messages, too. Besides, we can even backup our important message history for future purposes as well. Along with that, Viber lets the user interact between platforms and use them across many devices too. Those are the handy features if the user uses the Viber on multiple devices. The app keeps updating its features and brings many new efficient tools to users. So, keeping up to that now, it lets users password-protect their Viber accounts along with different devices. It is also known as the security pin for your Viber account for new devices to log in or make changes. That means if a suspicious user tries to log in with the user’s credentials on unknown devices, they will require the password/pin to continue their login. So, let us learn how we can set up such password protection on Viber below:



Steps for how to set up password protection on Viber are as follows:

1. The first obvious step is to download, install, and log in to your Viber account on your preferred device. After that, you just have to locate and open the application.
2. Now, the next step is to locate the “” symbol which is called the “More Options” on your application home screen. It will be located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
3. The third step now is to find the “Settings

” option in your menu shown on the screen. Now, tap on the “Settings” menu.
4. Now go to the “Privacy” options shown in the settings.
5. The next step is to tap on the “Password Protection” option inside Privacy.
6. Now, the next step here is to provide your preferred “Pin or password” on the blank spaces which you need to remember for future purposes. After that go to the next step.
7. The final step is to re-type the same password or pin that you had just entered before. It will confirm your password or pin. Now go to the next step.
8. The last step is to provide your proper email address for recovering your password or pin in case you forgot them.
9. Finally, go to the same place “More>Settings>Privacy>Password protection” to check if the pin or password is successfully enabled or not. So, you can see that “Password protection is enabled” if you followed the above steps successfully.

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In conclusion, these above-mentioned steps for how to set up password protection on Viber are the easiest guidelines for you to secure your Viber account from intrusions. However, if you have any problem with the written steps, you can watch our Youtube video tutorial link below: