Thinking of owning a productive keyboard with fluid keystrokes, long-lasting battery life, and smart backlighting? Well, the Logitech MX Keyboard is the best pick for you. The Logitech MX keys keyboard is a full-sized keyboard with 108 keys and has 16.9 x 0.81 x 5.18 inches dimensions and 28.6 ounces in weight. The keyboard has an eye-pleasing style, a slim body, and offers great typing.
If you are in search of a slim and wireless keyboard then MX keys would be of great help. Read this Logitech Mx keys review to make yourself clear about the product and see what this keyboard has to offer.

Logitech MX Keyboard: Design and Features

Ergonomically designed, the Logitech MX keyboard is sturdy and the back layer of this keyboard is grippy to increase the friction against the desk. In-built with a metal frame and dense good-quality plastic keys, the Mx keyboard is of great quality. Moreover, it is wireless.
Despite the MX keyboard’s low-profile keyboard that does not allow your wrist to rest on, it proved to be comfortable while typing. Besides, the tilt feature of this keyboard makes it quite easy to stroke your keys and enhances your typing experience. Also, Logitech sells wrist rest pads separately.

Logitech MX Keyboard: Keys Performance

Logitech ensures the perfect stroke keys, increases key stability reducing the keystroke noise. The keys are small, smooth with a little curve inward. It’s for perfectly setting your fingertips that guarantee satisfaction with every tap. The keystroke noise is quiet so it would not bother the people around you.

Equipped with a scissor-style switch, the MX Keyboard is great to use and is very responsive compared to the mill membrane model. It gives you the feeling that you are using an upgraded version.

Logitech MX Keyboard: Connectivity

The keyboard is wireless and can connect with up to three devices even with the differing OS via Bluetooth or USB adapter. The interesting thing is that you can easily switch between them without repeating the pairing process.

Software and Lighting

The MX keyboard featured with Logitech options software to set the keys. This software also helps to switch your typing from one device to another connected wirelessly without re-pairing.
The proximity sensor the keyboard owns lights up the keyboard once your finger approaches near to it and once you leave the keys, the light goes away.

Battery life

The keyboard has incredible battery life. Despite running multiple devices, the MX keys can run for a longer period of time. On a single charge, it can run continuously for 10 days with backlighting turned on and for 5 long months with backlighting off. You can recharge with USB-C charging cable when the power goes down.


The keyboard costs $97.56 at Amazon. This price might be relatively higher for you to spend on a keyboard. However, the excellent performance and great productivity that it offers are worth every penny you spend on it.

Final Say

The scissor-style, responsive, and incredibly long-lasting battery performance that the Logitech Mx keyboard offers you undoubtedly justifies its price. It also comes with a 1-Year Warranty forcing us for this MX keys review and recommending you why to go for MX keys. If you still want to get more suggestions and review, below is the video link you can watch: