Electric vehicles (EVs) are the new future of vehicles. So, many countries all over the world are now understanding the need for electrical vehicles. As the main focus, TESLA is the most popular brand among electrical vehicle manufacturing companies. Well, there are many vehicles industry that is focusing on the manufacture of such vehicles. Among, Mercedes Benz is one of them. Mercedes is famous for its high-class vehicle manufacturing industry. Its most popular vehicles are Mercedes SLC, Mercedes 300SL, Mercedes CLK AMG GTR, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Mercedes G-Class, and so on. Well, this time Mercedes brought a new Electric Vehicle called Mercedes-Benz EQA. It is another SUV Mercedes just introduced with fuel efficiency and more convincing elements. However, it is an entry-level car so there might not be high-end performance or features just like its other competitors. But it has a convincing premium design and comfort.

Why is Mercedes-Benz EQA everything?

1. Design

Mercedes-Benz EQA is a premium-looking vehicle with a familiar design pattern with its Merces line. It has a large badge on the front which sits in a sizable, ventless grille. It has an LED light bar that connects the two light blocks at the front, and also the second one connects the rear illumination units. These are the eye-catching factors front its front side of the view. So, as a customer, if we get inside of the car, there is quite the space that will comfort you with its bigger space for leg and headroom in the front.

Inside the cabin, it has there are some premium features that support turbine-like air vents and carbon fiber effect paneling. The front seats are great. It includes the heating option which can be turned on through a button on the door panel. Between the seats, there includes a storage tray, that is big enough for a phone and keys. Also, it includes dual cup holders and a USB-C port. It can be covered to make your valuables safe. And, the central armrest opens to uncover a decent-sized storage space with access to a USB-C port, while the door pocket provides room for a bottle and a few small items.

In the rear, passengers could find trouble if the height is more as they may find the headroom a touch limited. There is battery storage space in the rear so seat passengers will find the knees in a higher position than they may typically expect. And some adult passengers may find this uncomfortable for longer journeys.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQA Driving, power range, and charging

Well, the new Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 Sports supports the 66.5kWh battery. It’s electric motor is capable of producing a horsepower of 190 hp. Its top speed is 99mph and a 0-62 mph time of 8.9 seconds. There is a selection mode of drive mode as well, the default option is Comfort mode and There is another mode called Sports mode. The sports mode will get you closer to that 0-62mph that will stiffen your ride a little. Also, there is the Eco mode as well. This option is for the customers who need battery efficiency and conserve energy for the long run. It reduces the acceleration and increases battery regeneration under braking.

Mercedes claimed that in a single charge it will give 249-263 miles. However, in practice, the EQA gave around 200 miles in a single charge. And if there is a fast-charging station of 350kw charger then the EQA will charge from 15% to 100% in 45 minutes, with over 60% replenished in 30 minutes.

However, in 400V/16A wall box of a normal household will take an average of 6 hours to fully charge. It can be fully charged over a single night.

3. Specifications and other services

Mercedes Benz EQA supports a driving aid suite. The sports edition supports automatic lights and wipers. It also has climate control, lane assistant, and blind-spot indicator on the wing mirrors. If you are reversing then there’s a reversing camera that pops out of the rear badge only when required. There are 360-degree parking sensors as well. The control system supports touch as well. There is Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay support via a wired connection to the USB-C. There is built-in navigation and many more. The speakers are great as well.


In conclusion, it is a great piece of work that comes with a price range of £44,495. However, it can be considered more premium than other EVs in the market as it has many premium features and designs. It is the great starter who is willing to buy an electric car in 2021 and experience the new world of electrical engines.