Microsoft is the founder of Microfot Edge Web Browser. Microsoft Edge is one of the competitive web browsers. Also, it is integrated with high-end security and protection. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome both are based on the same open-source Chromium Codebase Project. However, it is the default system browser on Windows 10. But it is not available in an older version of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Edge is fast and it displays only a few mandatory elements on its interface. The UI is simple and easy to access. The experience is pleasant. It is even available in Apple App Store as well for Andriod users. Also, it is even available for macOS, Linux, and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian. As we experience more of Edge, it is supportive for third-party extensions just like Chrome.

Numerous features might surprise some users while there are many bugs that many can’t deny as well. So, things that are considered advantages and disadvantages are explained below.

Advantages of Microsoft Edge:

1. Quick and Easy Setup

Microsoft Edge UI


The UI is very easy. But before using the web browser the setup is very easy. Although Windows 10 is preloaded with the browser you can still install it easily on other OS. And, the installation process is really simple and quick. You can even import and download your favorites, passwords, and other preferences from the Chrome browser. The process is just a click and you can easily access your favorite sites. The application is available on most platforms. So, you can easily sync your password, history, and other details through devices. The only thing required is the account of Microsoft to sync your overall activity. You can make it default for all of your devices if you want to.

2. Reading list mode

Microsoft Edge Reading mode

Edge has given features that let you read tons of pages. The simple features called Reading mode are available. It lets you sync your activity or pages from one device across others which lets you read the content without any disturbances and hectic process. All you have to d is add your preferred item by clicking on the favorite icon in the toolbar. After that, you just have to choose to add it to your reading list rather than bookmarking the folder. The Reading List edge had been moved front and center, so you can even get similar service apps and add-ons like a pocket for a long time. It also helps in your reading mode by clearing all unwanted junk on the page. That’s the great move of Edge for the reader which is most handy for the users.

3. Page markup, annotation, and sharing on Microsoft Edge

Edge has given its users with marking the web pages. To activate it you just have to click on the pen and paper icon on the top right-hand corner of the browser. So, it helps to annotate your important content on the page. It is stored in the OneDrive. And through the drive, you can share the annotated content with others. If you are using the touch screen that supports the pen the whole job will be buttery smooth. However, if you are a mouse user without a touch screen, it will be possible but not as smooth as the touch sensation. It is mostly handy for those who want to share their read content for their professional job or to inform others.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Edge:

1. Microsoft Edge is Not supported with older hardware specifications

Microsoft Edge is just the newer version of Internet Explorer of Microsoft. So, it is made targeting the newer hardware specification. And also, it is just like a RAM-hungry browser that of Chrome. Literally, it requires better system resources. The minimum requirement is listed below:

  • At least 1 GHz of processing capability
  • 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit Operating System
  • 2 GB of RAM for 64-bit Operating System

However, the technical requirement requires most of the hardware. Even more, resources will be utilized by the browser in the real world. So, you just have to prepare for hardware requirements before using the web browser. The only thing that’s making it different t is you can control the RAM serving by using low resources. However, if you are using high resources then you just need to boost up your hardware configuration.

2. Less availability of extensions

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, it lacks so many extensions and plug-ins. So, if you are thinking of making it your daily driver and the favorite extension is not available in the web browser, it might disappoint you. In comparison with other browsers, there are so many extensions that developers made. It helps in making daily life easier for users. So, with competitors, it will demote the Microsoft Edge. So, it very disadvantaging for most of the users.

3. Adding Search Engine

Search engine


Well, Microsoft is embedded with the default Bing web search engine. It is such a hectic job to replace it with Google or any other search engine. Sometimes even though you are using the replacement method when you search for something it will automatically open the default Bing search engine. The only way to replace the search engine is to replace the startup page with the web address of your preferred search engine. And after that type your search keyword on the page. So, the only Discovery feature available in the Edge is a major disadvantage right now.

Final Verdict:

So, the final words here will be that it is better than the previous Internet Explorer back in the day. However, it has its own flaws and even positive side that no other web browser had given. It is fast, UI is great, and works for many. But no one is perfect so someone might not like its usage capability. However, if Microsoft starts to read the disagreement of users in forums, critiques, and other users all over the world and start improving the web browser then Microsoft Edge will be the number one web browser in the future. Who knows, it might even surpass all other web browsers in the market and stay at the top.