As we all know, Microsoft OneDrive is famous for its various service. The major one is cloud storage. However, this time OneDrive is capable of editing your photos stored in the drive. It is actually the software that enhanced your photo editing experience in the cloud. Google had this service for a long time ago. So, Google Photos were able to crop, tone, and other basic photo editing tools. Google Photos is one of the best editing experiences as well. However, these features are grabbed by many others cloud storage out there. And this time Microsoft OneDrive came to play.

Photo editing is available for both web and application. However, iOS users will be getting the feature sometime this summer according to Microsft’s official notice. Now, Android users will be getting more options to organize and view their photos through the drive. OneDrive will be creating folders on the upload source so that images will be automatically added to respective folders. They will be able to manage photos according to date, month and year. Let’s see what you can edit through Microsoft OneDrive photo editing software.

Things you can do with Microsoft OneDrive photo editor:


OneDrive photos can be cropped easily now. Photos can be cropped in free-form shapes. And, there are built-in presets of shapes as well which you can use to shape your pictures. So, these built-in ratios includes square, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 5:4, 3:4, 4:3, 2:3, 3:2, 1:2 and 2:1. These all are quite handy and saves your time as well. These are quite useful when posting on social media, stories, profile pictures, and even banners.

2.Rotate and Flip

Drive pictures can be rotated left and right by 90 degrees. They can be flipped as well. There are 180 degrees of flipping angles. There is incremental degree rotation as well where users can straighten or tilt photos as they wish. These features will help you if you snap your pictures in a different direction and there is a different viewing angle.

3.Light and color adjustments

Well, there are many enhanced camera technologies these days. And those camera setup gives brilliant snap of pictures. However, there are still many things to consider in their default pictures. Those nice and crispy pictures can only be obtained in post-production. So, the light and color adjustments come in handy when post-production. OneDrive lets you adjust the light and color saturation of your images. You can change the contrast of your pictures as well. Also, you can transform brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, and color saturation. You can even compare your images with old ones.

4. Microsoft OneDrive Cast with Chromecast

OneDrive lets you enjoy pictures and videos in a larger format by displaying them on your TV with Chromecast. You just have to connect your smartphones with the Chromecast of your TV and you will be able to cast your screen on your TV. It will let you view your screen and check those tiny details in your pictures.


In conclusion, this is a great new feature that users could enjoy. Also, there are numerous other features as well in the Microsoft OneDrive. And Microsoft claims that there will be even new great features that will be added in the future. Overall, these are all value money features you could enjoy.