During this Pandemic, we suffer a lot. The Pandemic has affected every individual from carpenters to corporate leaders. Well, during the time we learned about something at least that communication can be more meaningful by the use of the internet. Not just some normal video chatting but in the context of work, many jobs were established from our homes. From such a situation, people start to depend upon the tools to communicate through the internet. Some of the most used communication apps were Zoom, Skype, Viber, WeChat, Facebook, and many more. Through using those apps there were many obstacles we had to face. Due to the heavy traffic, such companies have to bring new policies, new features and suffer many errors in their internal technical establishment. So, many people start to complain about many issues and nearly tried searching for new and improved communication tools. Then, what about Microsoft Teams?

So, that’s where Microsoft Teams got focused on by many people. And, many people enjoyed using it and its teams calling. During the same pandemic, Microsoft team users hiped up to 25 percent. That is, the daily users exceeded up to 115 million in October 2020. And Microsoft now claims that it has 145 million daily users from all over the world. Using Microsoft Teams customers had experienced many features that no other communication tools had yet discovered. These particular features had summoned the ultimate comfort and reliability of the application among the users. So, Why do we think that Microsoft teams will lead the communication platform in the future? There might be a valid reason, right. So, whats are those charms that will attract new users into the Microsoft Teams in the future, and why it will be best. let’s discuss.

1. Microsoft Teams Translators

You might be wondering if translators are minor features then you are wrong. from the global perspective. There are built-in translators included in the Microsoft teams. Its main motive is to minimize the regional disparity. It has also the target to boost up the productivity level. Microsoft team will translate your language to the receiver’s required language. You will just have to choose the option given on the Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Translator

Source: https://www.valointranet.com

2. Microsoft Teams Analytics

Microsoft Teams have special features. It helps to see the analytical use of the members of the team or the group. It is divide into two parts. One is Per-Team Analytics and the other one is Cross-team Analytics. Both are close if the reports are observed from the Team Admin Center. However, detail notes are comparative if observed closely. Companies need to check the staff is being active or not.  And, Analytics help to report the performance of every member of the group by giving the active times and how much time has spent on the group.

Microsoft Teams Analytics

Source: https://www.valointranet.com

3. Immersive reader

Microsoft has the vision of collaboration for every user. It tries to give every user the ability to use the app in the more convenient way possible. The immersive reader features is that kind of option that helps disabled students to easily view and hear individual messages, It has the capacity to enlarge the text and fill the entire window, you can also use the screen to read the message in the voice form with the conversion of language to your preferred choice. There is a picture dictionary feature when enabled helps to translate every single word into pictures.

Microsoft Teams Immersive Reader

Source: https://www.valointranet.com

4. File Storage and Sharing

Microsoft has various packages for every individual and group of organizations. There are Microsoft 365 Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E5, Office 365 Enterprise F1 features. You can store from 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased. There is separate storage for Teams Files. You can store up to 25 TB per site or group. There is a file upload limit (per file) up to 100 GB. That means you can share up to 100 GB(per file) of files.

File Storage and Sharing

5. Notebook

The Microsoft team offers note-taking features to its users. Notes are vital parts of our organized life. It boosts up our carrier and our predictive life. Microsoft has separated the notebook into two parts. That is one for Educators and the other one for Students. Educators notebook can be for attendance, performance, and daily activity. And the student notebook is for the homework, classwork, note-taking, collaboration space, content library, and many more. However, an organization can set up a notebook for the staff as well for important note-taking.

Well, there are others factors except for the mentioned features that make the Microsoft Teams a great companion for communication. Microsoft will make the application even more useful in future days and there are no doubts. These charms are the valid reason for making Microsoft Teams the future of communication.