There were so many new Windows Operating Systems released in the last decade. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 were quite the hype. Among that release, Windows 7 and Windows 10 were hit. So, in 2021 Microsoft showcase its release of Windows 11. It seems quite fair to name the OS as it is time for the customer to try new operating systems. However, the hype ends with quite a few changes only. Microsoft had stretched with its minor updates and security patches. However, it seems rather than windows 10 update than the separate new version of OS. The UI is dimensional and clean this time. Many MEMERS are comparing the OS with Linux as its icon seems familiar with that of Linux. There are both good and bad sides to this new operating system.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of Microsoft Windows 11:

Pros of Windows 11:

1. New User Interface (UI):

The main concept of the Microsoft team this year is to make the User interface a simplified user interface. It wants to sync with the minimalist trend. The most repeated work from the CEO of Microsoft is the “Centre” which means that the noticeable start button is now moved to the center of the home screen. However, you can change the position of the start button to the traditional one.

The new user interface has quite a new pack of icons as well. There is numerous design of icon packs as well. The new pack of icons looks like dimensional icons rather than 2d planes. The most vital part of the internet that most windows users see is the start-up sound. The start-up sound changes after many years. Many seem to love it as well. Also, there is this login screen that floats. There is a redesigned taskbar as well, The adaptive cursor, system tray, and customized notification tray are one of the major attractions.

2. Runs Android Apps

Well, Windows were previously trying to bring the bridge between android and windows apps. “Your Phone” app was available in the windows that let you see your files of phone and even mirror the phone screen as well. However, budget phone users were not able to fully perform the features on the desktop. And, only Samsung Galaxy Devices were only supported for the application. So, this time Microsoft has officially marketed the running of Android Apps in their Windows Devices.

The applications will be downloadable from Amazon’s Appstore, via the new Windows store that will be included in the operating system. Also, Microsoft is partnering with Intel to use its Intel Bridge technology to make this a reality. However, both AMD and Arm-based systems will support the feature. Microsft has also demonstrated a famous app like TikTok on Windows 11 as well. However, it is not quite clear immediately right now so we will have to wait until we get our hands on the new OS.

3. Removal of Timeline and Cortana

We all knew that the Timeline function was just a useless feature. It has just eaten our RAM and memory resources. And the inappropriate concept of Cortona was also a hectic feature. So, Windows 11 will be free of these features. Although the timeline feature will be replaced by the Microsoft Edge with a similar function. In the case of Cortana, it will disappear from the taskbar although it will continue to be available along with application mode for those who need Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

4. Tablet mode

The windows 10 tablet mode was not a great experience. So, Windows 11 is much more convincing than Windows 10. However, it is not the fullest but it will be a great OS to surf around. Yup can easily switch your device into tablet mode. Microsoft also included gesture features as well.

Cons of Windows 11:

1. System requirements

Well, Windows 11 is demanding newly upgraded specifications to support its features. So, there is a particular requirement for Windows 11 to support.

  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz of faster SoC
  • RAM: 1 GB for x86 and 2GB for a 64-bit version
  • Hard disk: Minimum 16GB for 32 bit and 20GB for a 64-bit version
  • Screen resolution: 800×600 pixels
  • Graphics: Microsoft DIrectX9 or later version with Wddm 1.0 driver

Besides, there is a BIOS setup that you have to prepare for the new Windows 11 to support. That is enabling the TPM(Trusted Platform Module). There is no special skill required but however, you will have to find this option on BIOS and then enable it. TPM is a small device known as secure cryptoprocessors that were designed to enhance hardware security during computer startup.

2. User adaptability

Besides Timeline and Cortana windows has removed Skype, Paint 3D, complete replacement of Internet Explorer with Microsoft edge, Aero Peek, Aero shake, live tiles, widgets replacing their functionality, and so on. So, users who are addicted to such removed features have to adopt the new method and move on. And the looks are quite different and our old subconscious precision will be changed as well for doing minor tasks that are stuck in our heads. So, users will slowly adapt to it, and takes quite a while to overcome.

3. Upgrade issues and Training and troubleshooting

There will be a tremendous release of patches and system update from time to time. If you are not updating your windows and like to keep it that way then in case of windows start to make it mandatory then it will make you a headache. Also, Microsoft is demanding compulsory account linking with Microsoft OS so that they can enhance protection and collect your data which is the worst-case scenario for most of the users who don’t like to include their personal details on OS.

And there might be new troubles along with the new Windows operating system. So, this will require a professional to troubleshoot the issue and solve it. As the system advances it will not be an easy task to solve them without knowing the root cause. So, bigger companies have to train employees to fix those issues.

4. Other Cons from Forums and other platforms

There is so many early test phase done by many users all over the world. And, they had shared their cons in the forums and other sites. Some of the cons are as follows:

  • DirectX couldn’t be installed easily.
  • Video Codec Plugins has an issue installing.
  • Windows Defender can’t be disabled with normal registry method nor through group policies. And also, tamper protection would not allow changes to be made to Windows defender.
  • There is no control over Windows files such as svchost, etc.
  • Some users complained windows 11 installing a media blocker that some music does not play.
  • Mouse middle click does not work to ake a new tab within a program.

Final Verdict:

There is a 50/50 chance this operating system will support the long run. There might be many bugs or it will even speed your computer. We will just have to use and find the issue. However, the new look is brilliant and it has yet given a new feel to users all over the world. There will be so many reviews from gamers and home users along with office users. In final conclusion, the worst part is Microsoft does not let it work unless you have the latest hardware setup required for Windows 11. And, also the Microsft Windows 10 will no longer support security updates after the year October 14th, 2025.