MSI afterburner is the best solution for graphics cards in terms of software reliability. Users can enjoy its use in their personal computer or even organization can get the benefit through the software. It was specially built for MSI-supported graphic cards. However, it works on even non-MSI hardware as well. It is available free for everyone in the world.

The use of MSI afterburner is massive. It is used for mainly overclocking. However, you can even use it to detect the fan speed, the temperature of your hardware, improve your Frame per second (FPS), and many more.

So, we can see that this software is the best deal to make right? Well, seems like every coin has its own face and tail that makes it applicable. Similarly, the MSI afterburner seems to have its positive aspects along with its negative results as well. You can simply get to know the pros and cons of MSI after burner here on forward with this article. So, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons.

Pros of MSI afterburner:

  1. You can use it for your laptops and desktops along with non-MSI-supported graphic cards.
  2. The use of the software will increase your performance Frame per second (FPS) than the normal use of Graphic cards. And, it will help in your working as well gaming performance with this.
  3.  It is free of charge as well.
  4. You can check your GPU temperature simultaneously and it will help you monitor your GPU temperature which helps to serve as the control center for the use of GPUs.
  5. There is a boost in the performance and everything will be faster than the traditional one.

Cons of MSI afterburner:

  1. It can damage your device if the overclocking is not done properly.
  2. The use of Overclocking will increase the consumption of electricity and it might increase your monthly bill.
  3. The frame rate change is not drastic. And, sometimes it is not worth the try for just 2-3 frame increments.
  4. The increase in fan noise. As the overclocking (OC) starts to kick in it will drastically increase the use of cooling fans and it will create more noise than the previous one.
  5. The warranty is void. Due to increased heat, the wires will crack, and the connected pins will break.

Final Verdict:

Well, there are many users all over the world who like to try OC even though it has the weight of cons. They are looking for OC for the performance boost. And, many GPU manufacturing companies seem to blindfold the customers by letting the GPU slide in its performance on normal use and making it compatible with OC, and sustaining the actual speed of the GPU. So, you will have no warranty left and it will problematic if the thing goes wrong. That’s why the choice will have to make even smarter than the boss. So, even though all companies are not like that. That’s why it is becoming more popular day after day. So, if you want to try MSI- afterburner here is the link to download with your compatible hardware.