Netflix is one of the popular worldwide video streaming services. It is one of the affordable services. Netflix users can enjoy the service of videos through different platforms such as smartphones, TV, Tablets, iPhones, Laptops, Desktops, and so on. For the service, you will need to pay a certain amount of subscription. After that, you can enjoy the service anywhere in the world where there internet connection. Although the service is quite popular there are the advantages and disadvantages of the service. Let’s get you informed what those Pros and Cons of Netflix are:

Pros of Netflix:

1. Affordable Netflix Price:

The Netflix Plans are cheaper compared to other services. It has its monthly and yearly subscription plans. You can enjoy the SD, HD, and Ultra HD quality of content through the amount you are paying. The basic plan with SD resolution will cost you $8. Then the basic HD resolution will cost you $10. And the premium HD and Ultra HD resolution will cost you $12 per month. The premium plan will let you watch up to 4 screens simultaneously, which is good for a group of people. You can collect money from each and it will reduce your individual cost to the lowest as possible.

2. Simple User Interface (UI):

The UI of Netflix is so simple that even 7 years old kid can navigate it. It has nothing to do with the setup and hectic arrangement. It has a simple video player and category to select on the home screen. You can download an application in the app store for android, iOS, and smart TVs. And for the web version, you can simply go to and enjoy navigating.

3. No Commercials

Unlike live TV streaming, it does not show any ads. That is a great comfort while watching uninterrupted shows and movies. It is claimed as commercial-free since we are paying for it. You can even play and pause the videos if you are going for private times or even get some snacks.

4. Download Content of Netflix for Offline Watchlist

Netflix gives you the access to download your favorite content into your devices so that you can enjoy them while you are offline. These services are quite handy if you are traveling where there is no Internet connection. Even if you are traveling on a local bus or train or either in the car you can enjoy them on your device.

5. Original Content

It is expanding its business in TV shows and Movies. So, Netflix provides its original production in the streaming platform. It has distributed its original video content in its library for viewers to enjoy. Guess what, many of its shows are award-winning and best viewers rating as well.

Cons of Netflix:

1. No frequent updates

If there is a new release of shows then Netflix does not update it right away. It gives the updates delayed. There is also geographical delaying as well. So, you cannot enjoy the latest series according to your geography as well.

2. Geographical Locking

Well, there is a major Disadvantage of Netflix is that it gives variation for shows and movies in accordance to geography, If you are a user of the US then that is great because you are getting most of it. However, if you are from other locations, you have to compromise the shows and movies available in your geography by Netflix.

3. Content Uncertainty

Netflix tends to remove shows because of their own reasons. The sad fact is that those removed shows were [reosly available and it becomes unavailable in the present days. These types of the process make the viewer dissatisfied as they cannot continue watching the latest episodes or movies.

4. No Live Sports on Netflix

If you are a huge sports fan then this might be the greatest con of Netflix. Netflix does not focus on Sports as video streaming. However, there are several sports documentaries and shows available. But it has no plan on including sports in its video streaming library any time soon.

5. Internet Speed Needed for Netflix

Netflix can easily stream high-quality videos on normal internet speed. However, there are still some lags in video streaming if you are not having any minimum speed required as per Netflix. So, it might be another big problem if you have multiple users in your house and a low internet speed. The recommended speed limits are mentioned as:

  1. First Recommended for Basic (SD Quality) Plan: 3Mbps
  2. Second Recommended for Standard (HD Quality) Plan: 5Mbps
  3. Third Recommended for Premium (4K Quality) Plan: 25Mbps

Final Verdict:

So, if you are averaging the positive and negative sides and found out the inconvenience then you should be choosing other streaming platforms. However, Netflix is not a bad choice as well. So, if you are choosing other options then there are Hulu, CuriosityStream, Peacock, Disney+, HBO max, Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Plex, and so on.