If you have already read our article on “How to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp?” previously then that’s great. But if you already knew about the features and know how to apply them then it’s brilliant. Well, there might be a time when you feel the unnecessity of the disappearing message features. You might need to sometimes send important messages and these features will be annoying. However, this feature is very handy when you want to send some temporary content of messages. So, if you are wondering about turning this feature off or didn’t know how to turn it off then just follow our instructions as before and you will know it clearly. We have mentioned the easy steps for How to turn off disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

The steps for How to turn off disappearing messages on WhatsApp are as follow:

1. First of all, search for whats app application on your phone at your menu stacks.

2. Now, open your WhatsApp chat.

3. Then, Your chat user interface will open. Now, tap on your preferred contact in which you want to turn off the disappearing messages option.

4. And now, tap the 3 dots on the top right corner of the chat User Interface.

5. Then scroll down and search for the disappearing message option. Now, after you had found the option, tap on it. Now, select on “Off” option. So, you are good to go.

It is just as simple as turning on disappearing messages we explained before in our recent article. Therefore, you have learned the process for How to turn off disappearing messages on WhatsApp?. You had learned both ways to either turn on or turn off the option. There are numerous features WhatsApp had offered in recent days. Just stay tuned for our blog and let you know the new and improved features to make it more convenient to use the application and save up your time.

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