Microsoft Office 365 is the whole packet of Microsoft Premium Features. It includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other major office tools. It is also a cloud-based collaboration platform. You can even subscribe for emails, calendars, and contacts as well. Also, it is cheaper than other office applications in the market. Overall, it has a better rating with the public vote. And also, scores the best in the Office tool universe. The brand value is even more greater and secure compared to other office tools. However, there are other dissatisfactions in Microsoft Office 365. So, let us see the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office 365.

Pros of Microsoft Office 365:

1. Cloud storage drive

Microsoft Office 365 offers the cloud storage feature. You can get free 5 GB of space with a user account. However, you can subscribe for 1 Terabyte at their listed price. We have shared the full details in our previous post. You can access one drive where you can easily store your office files as well as your other personal data. All the storage is cloud-based and highly secure. Along with it, you can share your files and even sync your devices to automatically store your precious data. And lastly, you can access your data all over the world where there is an internet connection. You don’t require your own computer to access your data. The only thing needed is the browser and your login detail. And, all your files will be seen there in the cloud.

2. Updates and additional tools

Microsoft Office 365 regularly gives updates for security concerns and with their additional tool upgrade. And, there are so many advanced features in the office that you will have to even take the course for if you are a beginner. Also, Office 365 supports Skype integration, Sharepoint, and Lync Online for better communication and collaboration. You can even take courses online if you are interested to learn advanced features or tools of MS office 365.

3. Business Continuity With Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is built on the Microsft Azure platform. So, it offers the best infrastructure which is reliable and secure. Microsft Office 365 allows your business to scale from one user up to 300 users. So, as your business grows, Office will meet up your requirement by scaling its user limit. You can even solve Mathematical problems with the easy formulas available in the office. It will solve your business time and gives an accurate calculated monetary amount.

Cons of Microsoft Office 365:

1. Microsoft Office 365 Data security is not for all

All the data is securely stored in a Microsoft server. And for so many businesses, this is the best security option. However, industries such as financial services and healthcare must comply with regulatory constraints. And, they require all their data to be stored on-prem. So, Microsoft plays its part to increase the service charge for such business. And sometimes, the service may not even satisfy the requirements.

2. Email quota limitaion

Microsoft is giving its users daily email quotas. You cannot cross the quota limit. These quotas may vary from type of subscription. And, also Microsoft is working to improve size and quota limitation. So, it is a major concern for your business if you need to send a larger amount of emails on the daily basis to complete your organizational goal.

3. Tools Drawback and peoples opinion

Well, it seems that SharePoint is also limited to Office 365. This is one of the tools which sometimes requires third-party integration. There is a lack of other tools as well. Those requirements should be fulfilled by buying third-party toolsets. And you will have to pay extra to buy those third-party plugins.

Some of the complaints from users all over the world are listed below:

  • Requirement of a full license for those who only require just Excel, Word, or any particular Office tool.
  • Only Python code is supported in Excel and it is a limitation for people wanting to incorporate custom code.
  • You cannot communicate between the office and non-office applications
  • Many updated tools are buried under new tabs
  • Forcing users to use cloud route which isn’t always appropriate
  • Less frequent admin portal changes
  • Licensing clarity

Final Verdict:

So, if you are the biggest fan of Microsoft Office 365 or trusting this application for years then you will adjust with its con and enjoys its pros. However, there are many open-source office tools that are being better and better every day. And, they are absolutely free as well. So, if you are concerned with security then you can even choose other paid office tools for business or home uses.