There were times when we feel like being offline for all those annoying messages. Sometimes we might even felt like just scrolling the news feed without noticing anyone that you being online or active. Sometimes we even want to get rid of some people or groups as well and want to stay inactive on Facebook. So, ever have these thoughts and wondering how to appear offline on Facebook Messenger then just follow or guidelines and you can solve all those problems. Not fully however you can filet some issues.

Steps for How to Appear Offline on Facebook messenger (on Smartphones) are as follows:

1.First of all, you will need to locate your Facebook Messenger on your device. Check the stacks of your App drawer and search for the messenger and just tap onto it.

Step_01 for How to appear offline in messenger

2.After tapping on the Facebook Messenger application you will get the User Interface where there will be your chat history. Now, there you will find your Profile Picture appear at the top left corner of your screen. That actually is the option to go to your Profile. That is the profile setting which you can change as your preferred option. Now tap on the circle of your profile picture there.

Step_02 for Step_01 for How to appear offline in messenger

3.After that a lot of options will pop up. Just Go to the Profile section after scrolling down. There you will get the Active Status option. That’s the one we are searching for. Now, you will get “On” status if you are online. Now we have to change that status. For that tap the Active Status option.

Step_03 for Step_02 for Step_01 for How to appear offline in messenger

4.After tapping on the Active Status you will find the “Show when you’re active” option. If you are active the option will be automatically turned on. So, if you want to stay offline you will have to tap on the switch on the right side. Just tap on the switch and turn it off. And again confirm by tapping on the Turn off option on the small pop-up window. That will make your status offline.



5.Now, tap on the People option at the bottom right corner of the home screen of Facebook Messenger. GO to the Active tab at the top left corner of the screen. You will find the messenger in the middle of the scene as “See Who’s Active” and another option will be just down the message as “Turn on” which says you to turn on active status. It means that you are offline now.


That’s it. It’s just the simple steps which will take just a few minutes and you will learn how to Appear Offline on Facebook messenger (on smartphones).

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