If you own a Samsung device then it’s time to get the new ONE UI 3.0 for them. What are the new changes and features you are getting out of it? Keep reading and you will know everything about it in a precise manner.

Samsung started delivering ONE UI 3.0 update last December, at first to the Galaxy S10 Lite and then later started delivering to the mid-range Galaxy A51 and M31. The Galaxy devices that have received the Android 11 update so far are Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 Series, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Note 10 series, and many more following the list.

Updates and Features of ONE UI 3.0

The Samsung ONE UI 3.0 update list might not be that long but there are few very cool things going on here. Though the looks and feel of an Operating System seem to be quite similar to One UI 2.5, we managed to give you some most notable changes that make ONE UI 3.0 new and different. Hope you get to utilize all the newest features.

One of the major parts that worked on Android 11 was on notifications. A transparent blur effect replaces the full-page notification shade to give a cooler look. Talking more about notifications, the alerts that pop up on your screen are much simpler and thinner that barely takes any space from your screen. They have also given you fast access to widgets along with the improvements on lock screen widgets which are more obvious to see.

Also, you can find Samsung Free that brings you news and other information in an easily scrolled way. ONE UI 3.0 Samsung also provides you with a few miscellaneous stuff like turning off the screen with double tap on the screen or keyboard setting under General Management make things easier to find or the new Samsung internet app giving you the ability to open 99 tabs. Like are you even serious? So, try the new ONE UI 3.0 and surf all across all by yourself exploring more new cool things.

Android 11 Note 20 ultra, a standout flagship in 2021 has been running stably and smoothly not only in the US but in the markets outside the US. The ONE UI 3.0 update for the Note 20 Ultra Android 11 has firmware version N98xxXXU1CTL5. Likewise, Samsung released ONE UI 3.0 for Galaxy S20 FE Android 11, featuring both 4G and 5G starting December and now it is spinning ONE UI 3.1 in Europe.

Installation of ONE UI 3.0

Open the Samsung Members app first. Then, click the ONE UI notice. And, then tap registration of One Beta Program to submit your application from your Samsung account. You can also do this process through Setting >Software update > Download updates manually.

Some of the important things to take care of before getting ONE UI 3.0 is backing up your data, Plug your phone into power or should have the battery level over 40%, Don’t operate or power off your device in the middle of installation or never try rooting your devices yourself.


1. Offers the user cleaner experiences
2. Supports Dex wireless
3. New volume control UI right alongside the volume button with a transparent blur look
4. Widgets on the lock screen
5. Dynamic lock screen feature
6. Also, the recycle bin in the messages app for the deleted messages


1. Problem in Edge lightening
2. Can’t modify icon shape

Bottom Line

In short, based on the android 11 ONE UI 3.0 gives lots of new changes. And there is also cool stuff to boast about your devices. With the availability in only a few Samsung Galaxy phones, you definitely want to try out some new features and design tweaks.