Opera browser ranks at the top 5 most used browsers worldwide besides Firefox and Google Chrome. Opera browser-initiated its browser application on April 10, 1995, almost about 26 years ago. So, it is a pretty old browser from the start of the internet. As of this time, it has about 380 million users. The users included with the use of geographic state, different apps opera offered as Opera mobile browser, Opera desktop browser, Opera news, and so on. Behind its popularity lies its features that attract users all over the world. However, the update feature is slightly different in comparison with standard browsers. That is where users get confused about the manual update of the browser. That is why we here share the easiest guidelines for the manual update of the Opera browser.

Opera Browser

Steps to update Opera Browser are listed with a clear description below:

1. The first obvious step is to open your Opera browser. You can find it searching the application in-App menus or at “Start” for windows. After you found your browser, just click on it and open it.

2. The next step is to find the logo of Opera that is symbolized as red “O”. That should be placed at the top-left corner of the screen in your browser at the desktop version. Now you need to click on it.

3. Now different options will pop up. But all you need to click is the “Update & Recovery…” option. After that, you can see the “Update” section and “Recovery” sections. The Update, section checks the version of the current Opera browser.

4. Let’s wait for a few seconds after you entered the update and recovery options. If the automatic update runs then the browser will automatically download and update the browser. However, after a few seconds, you can see the “Check for update” option in the update section.

5. Now, you have to click on the “Check for update” option. And you will need to follow the steps forward and it will start downloading the update for the latest version.

6. Let the download complete and you can find the “Relaunch now” option. Click on it. Now the browser will automatically relaunch automatically.

7. After the relaunch of the browser, you can compare the browser version with the last checked version. Now you can see that the browser is updated to the latest date.  Now you have successfully updated the browser.

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Opera is the best daily driver for you to accept as the browser to surf the internet. It can even replace the top leading browser if it fixes its issues in the future that remain still to date. Besides, the above steps will easily help to update Opera Browser. However, if you had a problem following the written content you can also watch our YouTube video as well. The link to the video is given below: