If we are talking about dating sites online then Plenty of Fish (POF) is on the must list. Plenty of fish is famous for its own uniqueness. It is the pioneer of free dating. And many users are very satisfied with its service. It has more than 150 million registered users. And more than 5 million users are active users on this dating site. Obviously being a dating site it has an average of around 1 billion messages sent each month. It has 70,000 new users every day.  From these facts, it looks like it is an interesting site right. Well, makes it so special site in the online dating world. And what makes it worst in scenarios of many things that do not suit every user all over the world.

Now, let’s see the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of the Plenty of Fish (POF).

Pros of Plenty of Fish:

1. Free to register and join

Plenty of fish is free for everyone. You can register your account right now if you are interested in it without any cost. It is the main reason why it has more than 150 million registered users with 70,000 new users every day. The sign-up process is fair and easy. You just have to answer the questions it had asked and after that, your account will be generated successfully. YOu can even choose the type of quality of the person you are searching for such as height, age, facial structure, and so on.

2. Messaging is free and unlimited

The messaging is free for all. You can send messages to 25 new people a single day. However, if you are engaged in a conversation with your loved one then the messages will be unlimited. So, you don’t have to worry about the limitation of your conversation.

3. Upgraded Membership Features

If you are not satisfied with the limitation of Plenty of Fish features then you have the option to upgrade your account to the premium level. Members with a premium account can enjoy several exclusive benefits by using the mobile application. The listed benefit from the Premium accounts are:

  • Can upload 16 pictures to a dating profile
  • Also, unlock every user’s Extended Profile
  • You can check if your emails are read or deleted
  • No ads
  • You can check who viewed your profile
  • Also, can get access to the Username Search feature

So, there are different variants of pricing for the premium account. They are listed as:

  • For a Two-month plan: $21.30/mo. + Tax (Total: $42.61)
  • And, For a Four-month plan: $14.04/mo. + Tax (Total: $56.15)
  • For Eight month plan: $11/mo. + Tax (Total: $87.99)

4. The Relationship Chemistry Predictor

Plenty of Fish has its unique feature that can predict your chemistry that matches with other accounts. The Relationship Chemistry Predictor can measure five different dimensions of one’s personality traits which have been determined essentials for building a successful romantic relationship. If you are wondering what does the features ask you to do then it will ask a variety of questions for you. The topic will be related to the following matters:

  • Self-Confidence: It measures the extent to which an individual feels comfortable with him or herself.
  • Self-Control: It can measure the extent of a person to control over different aspects of their lives and other lives.
  • Family Orientation: The possession of family orientation is determined.
  • Social Dependency or Openness: It can measure the user’s dependency with others and how open you are to expressing your thoughts.
  • Easygoingness: It measures the character of a person if he is of a relaxed mindset and psychologically flexible or not.

5. Blocking Option

You might think this feature not so special. But if some bothers you more then you will start to love this feature. So along with this feature, you can block spam emails, messages, and inappropriate content. You can even bock another member and report the user for their behavior. Blocking can generally stop contacting the person whom you blocked but the blocked user can still search your name on the site. When you report the users then POF will investigate the account for suspicious activity and all reports are strictly confidential.

Cons of Plenty of Fish:

1. Missing Video Chat Feature

Plenty of Fish does not provide any Video Chatting option. It cannot be seen both on the website and the mobile application. So, if you want to have a video chat with your match then you can’t get that features on this site. However, Plenty of fish has the live video option.

2. No chatrooms

If you want to create chat rooms for the group of participants then Plenty of Fish will not support that feature. So, many dating sites are making it possible on their sites. However, Plenty of Fish is still behind with this feature.

3. Massive Ads.

Plenty of fish is a heaven of ads. You can enjoy free service but you will have to go through all those screen blocking ads. So, you will have to buy the premium feature in case you don’t want any ads on your screen.

4. No ID Verification

Plenty of fish does not offer any ID verification of the users. So, you can either enjoy free fake ID no matter whatever you do along with the result or somebody might make fake IDs to do whatever they want with their results of action. So, it’s quite a worrying matter if you are an active user of Plenty of Fish.

5. Limited Features in Free Account

As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay some amount to get full out of Plenty of Fish. So, free users are bound to use the limited features given by the service. The fun fact is that you can enjoy free ads with a free account.

Final Verdict:

It is one of the most popular dating sites. It’s free so new and early users who are new to the dating game should start from this site as a beginner. However, if you have been in dating games for so long and tried this service as well then you can choose other similar sites as well. Even if you are a new user and you are not satisfied with this site then there so many alternatives. So, the other alternatives are Match.com, Zoosk, tinder, and so on.