No wonder the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is one of the best gaming consoles. The release of the DualSense PS5 controller surely has set the bar high. The DualSense PS5 wireless Controller is a successor to the DualShock 4. However, the next-gen features of the DualSense surpass the latter in every way possible. What makes the DualSense PS5 Controller is its futuristic haptic feedback and innovative design features to give you the feeling of engrossing in the game. Looking at the PS5 Controller price and performance, it is undeniably revolutionary and more competitive.

PS5 Controller Design

As captivating as it looks, the DualSense PS5 Controller is sturdy and durable. It weighs about 0.62 pounds and is quite bigger and heavier than its predecessors. It fits perfectly on your hands and the elongated chassis provides a comfortable gripping throughout. The material is completely plastic with an aesthetic-looking white and black color.

What catches our attention is the excellent gripping feature of this controller. The handles incorporate unique textures to hold the PS5 controller pc steadily even during the long hours of gaming sessions. The manufacturers have worked on the small details of the DualSense PS 5 Controller. It actually shows at its back. The grips actually contain miniature engravings of PlayStation button symbols.

The buttons are more firm. They resemble the DualShock 4 except that the create button swaps with the share button. The buttons are a bit semi-transparent in the DualSense which looks more stylish. The buttons are a bit semi-transparent in the DualSense which looks more stylish. Except for all these, the PS5 Controller price and design are overall best in the combo.


One of the most innovative features of the PS5 remote is the adaptive trigger system and the haptic feedback that provides more realistic features especially while playing games like Call of Duty. The adaptive trigger stimulates tension automatically and you can also turn off the adaptive trigger. The haptic feedback controls the rumbles based on the tactile surface.

The built-in microphone in the DualSense Controller PS5 senses your voice without even taking it closer to the mouth. The mic can be turned off simply by pressing the button on the controller. If the button is held for about 2 seconds, then the audio via TV can also be muted. While the mic is not as good in quality as the external headsets, it can be of great use in some instances. The PS5 is compatible with the PC and you can easily connect the controller using USB or Bluetooth.

Battery Life

The battery lasts for about 10 to 13 hours which could upset many gamers given other features to remain intact in the long run.

PS5 Controller Price

Talking about the PS5 Controller’s price, PS5 Controller Price is available at $69.99 on the official website of PlayStation as well as Amazon and other retailers.

Final Verdict

The new haptics combined with the adaptive trigger is what makes the DualSense PS5 wireless Controller a unique and leading-edge gadget. You can totally take control of the on-screen events in your hands and increase the level of immersion in the gaming. Besides the battery life which could have been much better, the PS5 Controller price is totally justifiable and worth buying.