The first time I started playing Resident Evil Village Game, I got stunned and completely hooked to the game. This game is an action-packed horror game that is a successor to Resident Evil 7 but with a new storyline. This game offers more action and thrill than any other games in the Resident Evil Series.

This first-person survival horror game is set in the ancient village of Romania you can’t stop exploring. You can also add up to six players to play in multiplayer online mode. The tragic plot and the array of interesting characters in the Resident Evil Village Game are what make the game more lively.

The intense audio featured in the Village Resident Evil adds to the frightening feels. The fact that it supports the 3D sound on PS5 is like icing on the cake. The ray-tracing offers incredible visuals and shadows that make the game more fresh and lively.

Resident Evil Village Release Date

Within a really short time after the release of this game, it has been able to grab a lot of attention. Developed by Capcom, this game is the eighth major installment in the Resident Evil franchise. The game was initially released for Xbox, PS4, PS5, Windows, and Stadia on May 7th, 2021.

Resident Evil Village Game Deals

This game is available at $59.99 on Amazon, $51.59 on Fanatical and Gamersgate. You can also buy the game at the best prices via the online stores of Playstation, Microsoft, Xbox, etc.

Resident Evil Village PC requires a GPU of GeForce GTX 1070 and Intel Core i7-8700 with 16 GB RAM.

Resident Evil Village Game Plot and Characters

The Resident Series has been evolving for the past 25 years and the developer has been taking risks with the combination of classic horror and action gameplay. The protagonist of the game Ethan Winters was about to start a new life with his wife Mia in Europe after rescuing her in Resident Evil 7.

At the beginning of this game, Chris Redfield and his squad attacks them, murders Mia, and drag away Ethan and their newborn daughter Rosemary. Ethan then gains his consciousness only to find himself in a ramshackle village invaded by werewolves. This gives a bit of reminiscence of Resident Evil 4 where the player gets trapped in an empty village. Nevertheless, Village is more inclined on the horror roots that are the cornerstone of the Resident franchise.

During Ethan’s journey towards finding Rose, he encounters several powerful and scary characters. The vampire Lady Dimitrescu and her castle is the real star of the game. Ethan has to collect items from the castle while keeping away from Dimitrescu and unlock new modes in the game.

Final Say

Full of horror atmosphere and adventure, the Resident Evil Village Game is frantically challenging and immersive. Though we feel that the story rushes a bit faster at the end, and the puzzles are quite straight forward which Capcom has yet to work on. This next-gen psychological horror game makes the best use of audio and visuals while unfolding the mysteries of the village.