Ever felt you are missing out on the fun of mobile games due to the small screen of your phone? Don’t you worry because Tencent has come up with your gaming buddy that allows you to play any Android games on PC?

Let’s dig deeper to find out what exactly is Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android emulator that lets you play mobile games on your Windows PC. An emulator is a software or hardware device that enables your computer to emulate your phone and easily run mobile applications on the computer.

It was particularly designed to play shooter games like PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, etc. It has optimized performance for PUBG as Tencent buddy is its official emulator. So the Tencent Gaming Buddy is one of the best and most accessible emulators for playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

While the PC version of the games like PUBG is available, why would people opt for the Tencent Game Buddy rather than playing PUBG PC? The major barrier to playing PC versions of the games is price.

Well, most of the mobile games are free and so is PUBG Mobile. On the other hand, you can either pay $29.99 on Steam to download the PC version of PUBG or play PUBG Lite that has its own limitations. Also, the system requirements for PUBG PC are greater than those with emulators. The safest option is to download Tencent Gaming Buddy that is free and easy to install on your desktop.


Tencent is a Chinese-based company and one of the leading gaming companies around the world. Tencent released this emulator for the first time in May 2018 and was under beta testing for a long time. Gameloop is a rebrand of Tencent Gaming Buddy considering the evolution of its brand positioning. Gameloop is more focused on providing all-gaming emulators that will change the gaming future of not only mobile games but also pc and web games.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download

The Tencent Buddy is completely free and safe to use on your PC. Tencent Gaming Buddy download for pc for free on the official website of Gameloop. After downloading the installation file, you can simply install the application without the need of creating accounts or a VPN.

Launching the TGB will automatically download PUBG Mobile with necessary files related to it and play the game. You can also download other mobile games and add them to my games list with no fuss to play them on your PC. You can set the custom path to download the files in the desired location.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Features

Though playing games on the phone is appealing, with a PC you can have greater precision and control over the game. The Gaming Buddy can run even on modest PC configuration and lets you have full dominance over mobile games. The minimum system requirement for this is 2 GB RAM with dual-core Intel or AMD of clock speed 1.8 GHz. You can play the games efficiently using a mouse and keyboard with a control overlay given in the keyboard shortcuts.

Playing PUBG with the Tencent emulator feels similar to the desktop version. You can log in to the game using a Facebook account or as a guest. The controls are first-class. It also allows you to customize the layouts and map the keys at your convenience. There is also an FPS meter enabling which helps to check the performance level. You can turn on the FPS meter by clicking show FPS on the menu button.

Playing PUBG in its original desktop version and in Tencent gaming buddy is different only in the sense that PUBG automatically detects the emulator. So emulator players match with only other emulator players.

Our Verdict

The Tencent Gaming Buddy is a technological boon for intense gamers. It supports up to 60 FPS frame rates which we think could have been better. But we hope that the developers will find a way out of this and upgrade it soon to offer more FPS. Having said that we also agree that no other emulators can match the performance level of the Tencent Gaming Buddy.