Do you want to start streaming on TWITCH but don’t know how? Well, this guide will assist you in becoming a Twitch streamer in less than 24 hours. As huge as the streaming industry is becoming, it is one of the best places to start your streaming journey.

Twitch began as a platform for sharing gaming content such as tournaments, personal streams, and gaming-related shows. But lately, it has also been open for streaming non-gaming content ranging from vlogs to casual chats with friends to large shows.

It’s really simple to start streaming on this platform. Here is a guide:

Twitch Streaming Guide

1. First, it is advisory for you to read the community guidelines before you begin to start streaming.

2. Then, you will need to create an account. You can go to the website and hit signup. We recommend you enable Two-factor Authentication for safety. An alternative option is to download and install the app on their smartphone or the twitch desktop app on PC. You can sign up there and start watching other people’s streams.

3. To start streaming on a desktop, you would need to install a software encoder or hardware encoder. For starters, you can choose between many options like Twitch Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and others.

You do not need high-end hardware like graphics or CPU to start streaming online. A machine capable of running the content you want to stream and a reliable internet connection will suffice. However, if you want to have an engaging streaming experience, we strongly advise you to have a microphone and a camera.

The fastest way to stream on it is by using the Twitch App

on your smartphone. Click the profile picture in the upper right corner, then click the “Go Live” button on the screen. Before you can begin streaming, you must grant the app access to your microphone and/or camera.

Now, you can name your stream and select your category of the stream. You can choose to broadcast the camera feed and/or share your screen.

Finally, you can press “Start Stream” to start streaming online.

When you play your favorite games, you can stream them on it and participate in their communities such as Twitch LOL (League of Legends), Twitch Fortnite, Twitch Poker, and others. For streamers with an active Amazon Prime subscription, it offers an exclusive premium service called Twitch Prime with features like advertising and game discount. For instance, twitch prime GTA (Grand theft Auto) offers up to GTA$400000 each month as you play GTA Online. Also, you can enjoy large events like Twitch rivals: a competitive gaming tournament featuring popular streamers and pro players. Events like these give small streamers a chance to have some highlights in the streaming community.


Here you go, it is really simple to begin streaming on Twitch that it takes less than a day. So, Start Now. Enjoy your games and stream on them, grow the audience and socialize with them. Upon consistent streams and followers, you are likely to earn a few bucks and might grow up to be a popular streamer.