Microsoft has officially claimed to stop giving updates to old Windows users. However, Microsoft is still allowing its previous users to Windows 10 Upgrade. Well, if you are stuck on the old Windows operating system and thought of not able to update then don’t worry. You still have a chance for updating your system software.

There are some processes or steps you can follow through our article and you will be good to go. However, remember that it is not for those pirated Windows copies or any crack software. It is for those legit Windows users who had purchased Windows before. It can be followed by users with the older versions of Windows but it is especially for Windows 7 users. You should have a Genuine activation key to work. Also, remember that it will take quite some time and you should have the required specification of hardware for Windows 10.

The steps to Windows 10 Upgrade are as follows:

1.First of all, you should check out the Download Windows 10 website. The link is the highlighted text. Click on it.

2.Now, after that go to Create Windows 10 installation media. So, after that process click on the Download tool now and Run it.

3.Since the above steps are completed now choose the Upgrade this PC now

option. If you are about to update another PC or a different machine you will have to choose to Create installation media for another PC, and just save the installation files.

4.Now all you have to do after the above steps is follow all the prompts carefully and move ahead. There might be an issue when inputting your serial keys if that’s an OEM or Retailed version. So, keep in mind and put the accurate registration serial codes to work properly.

5.Now, when the upgrades complete all you have to do is check for activation. For that, you will have to go for Settings Update and Security. After that click on Activation and you will see your digital license for Windows 10. That’s it. Now you are good to go.

Note: Windows 10 does not support older ports for keyboard and mouse. You will need USB cables to work properly.


Overall, it’s still the best option Microsoft is giving its older users. It saves your amount on purchasing a new OS for your system. It will be secure and reliable as well. Also, you could enjoy the newer version of the UI of Windows 10 Upgrade.