Delivering a much better experience while gaming, the Xbox is one of the best in the gaming world. Want to know more about Xbox Spotify? Well, we have covered everything you need to know about it. Get your kind of vibe while gaming. Just your few minutes here and make your gaming adventure much better.

Spotify released the Xbox one app in August 2017 with access to its gaming playlists and your personal music playlists. They also brought Spotify Xbox one with the feature of being able to play in the background while also running the game. Microsoft has come along with Spotify to give Xbox free Spotify access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The limited-time deal is for about four months of free music streaming subscription. So, you can just enjoy being a new Spotify premium member and grab the offer.

Once you receive a code via email and the console and Xbox app message center, you can also get Spotify 6 months free Xbox. It can also take a few days following your purchase of the Xbox game pass ultimate. Spotify must reclaim your code following the website given through the mail to use the free subscription.

Xbox game pass now comes with free Spotify Premium, but it’s only available for new users. Microsoft has collaborated with Spotify to upgrade the Spotify game pass ultimate subscription offer. Anyone who owns the complete and costly Xbox game pass plan gets four months of free access to Spotify Premium. Isn’t it amazing that you get to stream your playlist for free while also playing your game?

How can you use Xbox Spotify?

You can now easily find Spotify Music for Xbox in the Xbox live store. It’s your cup of tea to set up; you just download it, install it and start using it. You can log in the old way in your Xbox, or you can just use your wifi or your phone or iPad to get logged in. Once you get inside and connect your devices to the phone on the same wifi network, this app starts to act like the extension of what you have in your phone, allowing you to go for most of the utility, speed, and efficiency.

You can go to your music and shuffle or loop music, add music or remove it. The most important feature they have brought is to use Spotify to play music in the background while also playing games. If you happen to find your music and the music from the game conflicting, you can also turn down the game music to find the right balance between the game music and your playlist.

Spotify Xbox 360

Talking about Xbox 360, Microsoft released the original Xbox in 2005 and stopped its further production after 2016. But if you have been using Xbox 360 and worried because you cannot use Spotify for it, then we have got you there. For Spotify Xbox 360, you just need to turn on the Xbox console and go for the music option in the menu. Before you go for the playlist, select Jamcast from the list of networked devices and then choose the option virtual soundcard. Click play, and after a few seconds of delay, you will hear your Spotify streaming in it with attached speakers.


1. You can also browse the new popular releases
2. Allows you to stream in the background
3. You can also control the Xbox with your smartphone.
4. Collaborative playlist is also available on Spotify
5. Ad-free listening & unlimited skips
6. Total control over your playlists
7. Shuffle or loop music


1. Low-resolution streaming

Bottom Line:

With all the information is provided about it, so, don’t stay in a dilemma. You can enjoy the new generation of games through Xbox with Spotify streaming in the background without disturbing your game. For a better experience, we can recommend you pair on your smartphone or tablet, or PC to use them as a control system for the app while enjoying the game. Go get your Spotify Xbox and enjoy the limited free subscriptions they have been providing. You will definitely love it.